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Visiting facilities and procedures have been established to
permit meaningful visits with relatives, friends and associates.

Visits will be conducted in a supervised manner which will
contribute to a relaxed visiting atmosphere, while maintaining
the security of the institution. You will need to contact your
assigned counselor to establish your visiting list and to make
any necessary additions or deletions. Additionally, it is your
responsibility to send a copy of the visiting regulations and
directions to the facility to each of your approved visitors.

You should also advise yom visitors you are permitted no
more than four (4) adult visitors and five (5) dependent
children (age 16 and under) visitors. If you have more than
five (5) dependent children, contact your Counselor in
advance for arrangements.

Visitors will be subject to random pat searches. Random
searches will be impartial and in a predetermined ser order
established before the visitors enter into the institution.

Visitors will be given the options of either consenting to the
random search as a condition of entry or refusing such
searches and departing Bureau of Prisons’ grounds.

The Visiting Room will operate Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays
and Federal Holidays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Inmates
housed in the Special Housing Unit are only allowed to visit
on Mondays.

Visitors cannot deliever any item to an inmate during

Each inmate will be permitted five (5) visiting points per
month. One point will be assessed for each visit, i.e. Once
you have reached your five (5) point limit, no further visits
will be permitted during the month. Points cannot be carried
over to the next month. It is your responsibility to monitor
your visiting so your visitors are not denied due to a lack of
available visiting points. Should overcrowding in the Visiting
Room occur, the Shift Lieutenant or Duty Officer may
authorize termination of visits to allow other visitors to visit.

Special Visit requests for family emergencies must be
submitted to your Unit Team.

You will be permitted to briefly kiss and embrace your
visitors at the beginning and end of each visit. Holding hands
is permitted during the visit; however, kissing, petting or other
types of physical contact will not be allowed during the visit
and this type of conduct will result in tennination of the visit.

When your visit ends, you are subject to a visual search prior
to departure from the Visiting Room.

It is your responsibility to know all of the visiting regulations
and to advise your visitors of them. The penalty for violation
of visiting regulations by any act or effort may result in
disciplinary action against you, which may include the denial
of future visits, possibly for an extended period of time.

Additionally, criminal prosecution may be initiated against
you and/or your visitor(s), in the case of criminal violations.
The following are the only items an inmate may take into the

Visiting Room:

1 – comb
I – authorized religious medals (with chain)
I – wedding band (plain)
I – approved religious head gear (no knit or home
made caps)
I – pair ofglasses (prescription)
I – handkerchief
(Required medication-Asthma inhaler and/or

Visitors are required to maintain control of children at all
times. Failure to do so may result in termination of the visit.

All visitors and inmates are expected to conduct themselves in
a responsible manner. Conduct which disrupts the orderly
atmosphere of visiting or offends other adults or children may
be grounds to terminate the visit.

Inmate Family Information Hotline: 870-630-6250

Local Transportation:

Brook Cab Company – 870-633-7537
Bokker’s Car Rental- 870-633-5622

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