FCI Forrest City Medium Educational Programs

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FCC Forrest City Education strives to address the needs of all
inmates assigned to the facility. We believe that academic
instruction, occupational training, and the overall
constructive use of your time are worthwhile activities that
can help you make a full and productive life for yourself, if
you choose to do so.

In order to provide educational services that are pertinent to
your needs, the Education Department must first assess your
needs. Based on the results of assessment and your interests,
we can develop programs that will assist you in self
improvement. Our instructors use the Adult Basic Learning
Exam (ABLE), Test OfAdult Basic Education (TABE) and
Spanish Assessment of Basic Education (SABE) tests as an
instrument that will determine your academic abilities.
Once your interests and academic abilities are determined, we
can recommend the programs that will enable you to reach
your goals. The Education Department is here for your

In fulfilling its fimction as center ofleaming, the Education
Department offers programs and services in the following

General Equivalency Diploma (GED)
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Post-Secondary Education
Vocational Training
Adult Continuing Education
Career Counseling/Release Preparation
Law and Leisure Libraries

The Violent Crime Control Law Enforcement Act (VCCLEA)
of 1994 and the Prison Litigation Reform Act of 1995 (PLRA)
mandate imnates without a high schooliGED credential
participate and make satisfactory progress in the Literacy
Program as a condition to vest their earned good time.
Imnates that withdraw from the Literacy Program after
completion ofmandatory requirements, connnit a prohibited
act, or refuse the program will receive an unsatisfactory
progress which will have a negative effect on good conduct

An inmate with limited proficiency in English is required to
attend an English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) class until
they achieve the eight-grade level as measured by a score of
225 on the ESL CASAS Level C Reading Certification test
and a score of 215 on Level B or C of the Listening
Comprehension test. All exemptions to the ESL Program will
be handled as outlined in Program Statement 5350.24,
Mandatory English-as-a-Second language (ESL) Program.

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