FCI Forrest City Medium Programs

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Job Assignments: All inmates are assigned to a job
assignment and are expected to report to their work detail
daily and on time. Monthly work reports will be completed
by the staff supervisor of your detail and will be forwarded to
your Unit Team. Poor work reports could result in the loss of
certain privileges and programs. Inmates who continually
receive poor work reports or who damage or tamper with
work detail equipment will be referred to the Unit Manager or
receive disciplinary action.

The only authorized clothing allowed on the work site is
institutional clothing. At no time will headphones, reading
materials, cups, thennos containers, or any other items be
allowed to accompany you to work. Normally, an inmate will
be assigned to a job for a ninety (90) day period before he is
eligible to put in a request for reassignment.

If you have special job skills such as painting, plumbing,
electronics, clerical, landscaping, etc., submit an “Inmate
Request to Staff Member” (Cop-Out) to the Department Head
over the requested job/program through your Unit Team.

Upon approval, the form should be routed to the inmate’s
current Department Head for approval. With the approval of
both Department Heads, the Unit Team may consider the
request at the next scheduled team meeting or defer the
request until the inmate’s regularly scheduled program review.
The Unit Team will forward the recommended job change to
the Counselor responsible for job assignments/changes.


The UNICOR operation at FCC Forrest City will be
manufacturing office furniture that is named “Harmony.” The
UNICOR warehouse employs 30. The low will be a mill
operation employing 155 inmates. The medium will be an
assembly operation employing 200 inmates. This is a
voluntary program and inmates must request, through their
Unit Team, to be placed a waiting list. Inmates will be hired
into UNICOR from the waiting list. When an inmate receives
their initial” teaming”, they must request to be placed on a
UNICOR waiting list if they want to work in the factory. The
unit team is the only staff authorized
to place an inmate on a UNICOR waiting list. If a request to
work in UNICOR is not made at the initial team, back dating
will not be allowed. The waiting list is explained as follows:
UNICOR Waiting List 1: Inmates who were
working in UNICOR, as their last work assignment,
prior to transferring to FCI Forrest City. Inmates who
have transferred for disciplinary reasons, parole
violators, and halfway house failures are not eligible
to be placed on list one.

UNICOR Waiting List 2: Inmates who have a court
ordered financial obligation of $ 1000.00 or more.

UNICOR Waiting List 3: All others. ( Includes
parole violators, returnees from halfway houses,
disciplinary transfers, new commitments, and those
removed from UNICOR for disciplinary reasons).

General Comments:

A. All inmate workers in UNICOR must wear safety
shoes, safety glasses and hearing protection. NO

B. The hiring list will be updated monthly and posted
outside the UNICOR Factory for review by the
inmate population.

C. A manufacturing facility, by nature, is a hazardous
area. lnmatcs observed participating in horseplay,
failing to follow proper safety procedures while
operating machinery, or unauthorized use of any
machine, will result in disciplinary action, including

D. Inmates who have special skills in woodworking,
should submit a “Cop-Out” to the Factory Manager
indicating their experience and what skills they

E. All inmate workers must meet health requirements of
prolonged standing, bending, and lifting a minimum
of 50 pounds.

F. All inmates not able to maintain 80% attendance due
to callouts, e.g. education and drug treatment will be
hired as part time employees.

G. UNICOR Department Head will be available, at noon
mainline, for any questions or concerns that inmates
may have.

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