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Regular visiting hours are from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of each weekly to include Federal Holidays. There is no visiting on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. At 3:00 PM on visiting days, visitors and inmates will be required to separate and the visitors will be processed out of the visiting room. Visitors who arrive at the Fort Dix checkpoint/inmate visitor entry area after 2 PM will not be authorized entry. Any visitor who objects to any of the required searches, tests or entrance procedures has the option of refusing and leaving the institution grounds. We will deny entry to any visitor who refuses to undergo the established entry screening procedures. Social visitation for inmates assigned to the Special Housing Unit is restricted to Thursdays only from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM.

The number of visits an inmate may receive will be restricted in order to prevent over crowding, each inmate will be allotted four points for each month. For each visit received on a weekend or holiday one point will be charged. No points will be charged for visits held on Monday, Thursday or Friday, unless this is a Federal Holiday. Attorney visits are not charged points.

A visiting list of immediate family members and ten friends/other relatives only will be prepared during your initial interview with your Unit Counselor. You will be notified when your visitors are approved to visit you. It is your responsibility, not ours, to inform your visitors when they can visit you. Unapproved visitors will not be permitted to visit. No more than three (3) adult visitors may visit at a time. Inmates claiming common-law relationships will have that person added as an immediate family member only if the state in which the person is from recognizes common law marriage as a “legal” marriage. Otherwise the person is subject to the same process applications as non-immediate family visitors. Additional information regarding visiting may be obtained from your Counselor.

Visitors will not be permitted entry without proper identification. All visitors, with the exception of children under 16 years of age, must display photo identification before being permitted into the institution.

Proper identification includes valid and current driver’s license, passport, or state identification card with photo. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an approved adult visitor. Each inmate having a visit must assume responsibility for his visitors conduct. Children should be controlled to the extent of consideration of other visiting groups and not be permitted to wander from the immediate area, run about the visiting room or create noise that disturbs other visits. Failure to control children will result in termination of the visit. Every visitor to this institution must successfully pass through a metal detector screening–a visitor who fails this screening cannot enter the institution. Additionally, an ION Scanner will be used to detect the presence of narcotics. A positive reading on this test will constitute entry denial.

Kissing and embracing briefly upon arrival and departure is permitted within the bounds of good taste. During visits, hand holding is permitted. At all times, proper decorum must be maintained. An excessive display of affection will not be tolerated and will result in termination of the visit and possible suspension of visiting privileges. The institution has the right to assign specific seating locations for visitors and inmates within the visiting room.
Visitors will be permitted to bring money into the visiting room to purchase food items from the vending machines. Money will not be accepted for deposit to the inmate’s account through the Visiting Room.

Prohibited Items: Food, newspapers and magazines will not be brought into the Visiting Room by visitors, nor will pagers, cellular telephones, recording equipment, photography equipment, cameras, radios, tape players, tape recorders or tapes, pictures, personal keys, or any tobacco products.

All inmate and visitor‟s medication brought into the visiting room will be kept by the officer in charge. No food, with the exception of baby food/formula, will be brought into the visiting room. The only items an inmate may take into the visiting room are one pair of prescription glasses, a comb, authorized religious medal/headgear, a wedding band, and a handkerchief.

The inmate will be pat searched prior to each visit, and visual searches will be conducted after each visit. Inmates are required to carry their commissary card to gain entry into the visiting room.
You cannot receive money or negotiable items from a visitor, nor exchange any items what so ever without prior approval. It is your responsibility to ensure your visitors understand the visiting and dress code regulations before they arrive at FCI Ft. Dix for a visit. Failure to comply with the visiting regulations will result in a delay or termination of the visit. Visitors are expected to demonstrate courtesy and respect. Visitors are not permitted to loiter on prison or Ft. Dix property prior to, during, or following visits.

The following visiting attire will be adhered to by the visitors as per the institution supplement for Visiting Procedures: See through clothing, zipper dresses and skirts, tight stretch shorts and pants (biker shorts/spandex), halter tops, tank tops, tube tops, or any type of clothing that may be interpreted as provocative are not considered appropriate. Any visitor wearing any of these items will be denied entrance and instructed to leave the institutional grounds and return when the appropriate clothing is worn. Skirts shorts and dresses that are more than 4 inches above the knee, khaki-colored clothing, and military clothing are not permitted. If a visitors apparel is in question, the Duty Officer will be notified and make the final decision. If this occurs at a time when the Duty Officer is not in the institution, the Operations Lieutenant will make the decision.


“Special Visits” must be recommended by the Unit Team with final approval by the Associate Warden (P). These include visits with potential employers, investigators, and parole representatives. Clergy visits must be arranged through the Chaplin‟s Office. Due to the large volume of visitors and the limited space available for these visitors, Special Visits will rarely be approved. Special visits will not be used to circumvent the requirement for background checks for visitors.


Entry onto Fort Dix is controlled by Department of Defense authorities. Therefore in order to gain access to the installation all vehicle enter Fort Dix must be insured, properly registered and operated by a licensed river. Proof of insurance, registration and driver‟s license is required and will be asked for. If these items are not in possession or not valid, the visitor will not be permitted entry to the post. All visitors, with the exception of minors, must also present valid identification in order to enter the installation.

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