FCI Fort Worth Educational Programs

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The mission of the Education Department is to assist inmates in acquiring knowledge and
skills which will allow them to make a successful adjustment to life upon release. To help
inmates plan which classes are most suitable, a representative from the Education
Department is assigned to each unit team. The representative will evaluate the inmate’s
educational and vocational background and will recommend a course of study. The
representative is also available to address questions or concerns about classes.
BOP policy requires that inmates have documentation in their central file or are able to
obtain documentation to confirm they have achieved the equivalency of the twelfth grade.

The Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE), which consists of three subtests, is
administered to those inmates who will be required to enroll in General Educational
Development (GED) literacy classes. Policy states that inmates required to attend GED
literacy classes, for the purpose of attaining a GED certificate must be enrolled in and attend
the class for a minimum of 240 consecutive hours.


GED literacy and English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) classes are mandatory except under
certain conditions. GED classes are required for those inmates who do not have
documentation of high school completion. ESL classes are required for those inmates who
do not have a proficiency in English at the eighth grade level as measured by the

Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Survey (CASAS).


Transferrable college credits which may be earned toward an Associate of Arts Degree are
available by correspondence. These classes are offered by a local college. Tuition is the
responsibility of the student.


The Vocational Training programs require a high school diploma or GED or concurrent
enrollment in GED class. Participants are also expected to be fluent in English or to have
completed the English as a Second Language Program. Graduates will receive certificates of
completion from the Center of Adult Education, Fort Worth Independent School District.

The current listing of available vocational programs include: Office Technology,
Construction Trades, and Building Service Maintenance. Programs are four to eight months
in length, depending on the program curriculum. Department of Labor Apprenticeships are
also available in the areas of Cook, Plumbing, Dental Assistant, and HVAC Installer and
Servicer. Information such class availability, waiting list and sign up procedures can be
obtained in the Connections Resource Center.


Parenting instruction encourages and strengthens the ongoing relationship between family
members and involves presentations from community organizations. Topics covered in this
program include: child development, parenting at a distance, self discipline, self control,
consistency and setting goals. Reading is Fundamental as well as the Words Travel
Program are also available to the inmate population. Interested inmates are to sign up in the
Connections Resource Center.


In addition to the Admission and Orientation and Release Preparation Programs, the
Education Department offers Adult Continuing Education class in various subjects
throughout the year. During the Admission and Orientation program, a representative from
the Education Department will discuss the various educational programs available to all
inmates. This is an excellent time to ask specific questions about which courses are
currently being offered, special requirements, and any other concerns which deal with the
Education Department.


The Connections Resource Center was created to assist inmates in obtaining assistance in
skills/employment assessments, job search, resume and job survival techniques. The CRC
provides information on obtaining vital documents such as Birth Certificates, Social
Security Cards, Education Transcripts and Driver’s License Information. The CRC
provides inmates with a centralized location for class sign ups as well as class information.
Hours of operations are as follows: Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
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