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If assigned to Food Service, you will be required to wear the Food Service uniform. The
Food Service uniform consists of Food Service ball cap, clean buttoned shirt, clean trousers
with belt, and steel-toed shoes. The shirt must be tucked into the trousers and secured with a
belt. T-shirts are not an option.

The first day of employment with the Food Service Department will consist of orientation
training, job assignment, and administrative responsibilities. This will allow you to
complete all the necessary paperwork and view all required videos and safety training.

Assignment to a Food Service detail require you to be cleared by medical staff before you
can begin working in Food Service. If you would like ajob change, it will have to be
requested through your supervisor.


The Facilities Department consists of a Facility Manager, General Foreman, Engineering
Technical Advisor, and shop foremen. They are responsible for the facility design and
maintenance, codes and regulations, the effectiveness and management of the physical
plant, and to ensure the facility is maintained for staff and inmate safety. The Facilities
Department is located in a complex in a secure area behind Food Services. It consists of
approximately 15 shops to which 250 inmates are assigned.

Shop details include the following:

Machine Shop
Plumbing Shop
Electric Shop
Paint Shop
Outside Details

There are inmate jobs available in the Facilities Department to meet institutional needs.
Many of these jobs provide excellent on-the-job training opportunities and an opportunity to
establish positive work habits. Most work details are from 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Monday
through Friday, though some, such as Powerhouse work 24-hour shifts.

For inmates with a strong desire to work in Facilities, they may take a completed Inmate
Request for Job Change or Employment to the Facilities gate at 7:00 a.m. Monday through
Friday and speak to any of the Facilities staff.

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