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The Federal Correctional Institution at Fort Worth offers quality health care that is appropriate for the Bureau of Prisons’ inmate population and consistent with recognized community health care and correctional standards.

It is the policy of the Bureau of Prisons to provide medical care and treatment for inmates during incarceration that will maintain health. All medical care will be provided by the Health Services Department staff. If necessary you may be referred to a consultant.


General hours of operation are 5:30 a.m. to 12:00 midnight daily. Emergency medical attention is available 24 hours daily. Between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 5:30 a.m., emergencies are processed by the Operations Lieutenant who procures an appropriate level of medical response, as warranted


Should you need medical or dental attention, triage sign up is conducted Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. in Health Services. Inmates with medical concerns or those requesting an appointment, must complete the Inmate Sick Call Triage Sheet upon arrival at Health Services. Inmates must present with their identification card and the form filled out to obtain a triage visit. During triage, your medical or dental needs will be evaluated and you will be assigned a medical priority visit. Medical staff on duty will make a medical determination concerning the complaint and take the appropriate action. Emergent and urgent issues will receive an evaluation the same day. Issues that are assinged a routine ranking, will have their appointment scheduled in the future or in conjunction with chronic care clinic visit. Sign up for dental care in the dental area. There will be no triage on federal holidays. During triage sign up, your medical or dental needs will be evaluated and you will be given an appointment time. Other appointments with health service providers are scheduled and callout sheets are posted on the bulletin boards in the units. It is your responsibility to monitor the callout sheet on a daily basis. Except for emergencies, you will not be permitted in Health Services without an appointment. You must present your inmate identification card each time you come to Health Services for triage, callout, or pill line.

In addition to being responsible for reporting, on time for any scheduled appointment, the inmate is also responsible for advising his detail supervisor of any medical appointments and his medical status. The detail supervisor will release the inmate to Health Services and the scheduled appointment time. Appointments will be scheduled in conjunction with the controlled movement system during regular inmate work hours, Monday through Friday.


Medical emergencies should be brought to the attention of the nearest staffmember immediately. Emergencies are defined as life-threatening events such as chest pain, severe bleeding, etc… All non-emergencies much be handled through triage procedures listed above.


Pill line hours are posted. Prescriptions that are not “pill line” medications can be obtained during listed prescription pickup times at the phannacy. Instructions are listed on the prescription bottles. It is your responsibility to take the medication as ordered. Medication found in your property that has expired will be confiscated. When a medication is ordered to be taken on pill line, report according to the posted times. You must present your identification card at pill line. Insulin administration will be done in Health Services according to posted times. Over-the-counter (OTC) medications are not provided. You may purchase OTC medications from the commissary. All prescriptions must be picked up from the Phanncy within three days of the prescription being ordered.


If you need glasses or have other vision problems, request an evaluation through triage. You will be scheduled for a screening test. If the results of the test indicate a need for an optometric evaluation you will be referred. If glasses are prescribed, a pair of standard issue eyeglasses will be provided.

Sunglasses are available in the Commissary, as are clip-ons for standard issue eyeglasses. No tinted or reflector type glasses will be authorized. If the optometric evaluation reveals a need for eyewear and you desire other than standard issue glasses, at your own expense, you must submit an Inmate Request to Staff Member (BP- I 48) to the Health Infonnation Management Department requesting that a copy of the current eyeglasses prescription from your medical record be sent to the Inmate Systems Managment (ISM) staff. ISM staff will place you on callout to complete a Package Authorization Form.


Health Services staff conducted an intake screening examination when you arrived at this institution. Within 14 days you will be given a complete physical examination if you have not had one at another Bureau of Prisons facility. You may request an exit physical examination by submitting an Inmate Request to Stafffonn between 60 and 120 days prior to your release.


All inmates will be assigned a primary care provider. Assigning primary care providers will provide inmates better continuity of care while housed at FCI Fort Worth. Inmates should address all requests for medical treatment to their assigned provider, stating their medical complaint and all dental requests should be addressed to the Dental Department. These requests should be submitted to medical staff. Your primary care provider will review your triage requests to determine if a triage appointment is necessary. In the event your provider is not available, another provider will review your request to determine if an appointment is necessary or can wait until your provider returns.

Appointment dates will be based on the medical complaint, clinical presentation, signs and symptoms, etc., and can range from same day to two weeks depending on severity.

All inmates currently in Chronic Care Clinics, i.e., hypertensive, diabetic, pulmonary, neurology, cardiac, mental health, general and infectious disease, will be assigned to PCPT I through PCPT-6.


Each inmate may obtain and fill out an Advance Directive for Health Care for the State of Texas.

Inmates may direct, in advance, to withhold or withdraw certain medical treatments when recovery or cure is not possible. Inmates may appoint, in advance, proxy decision makers who will make critical health care decisions for them should they become incapacitated and unable to make such decisions for themselves. The person selected to be the proxy cannot be another inmate or a staff member. Inmates are to understand that DNR orders will never be invoked while an inmate is housed at a general population institution. Emergency resuscitative measures must and will always be performed on an inmate who suffers cardiopulmonary arrest at a general population institution.

Advance Directives, including Do Not Resuscitate orders, may only be implemented at community health care facilities or medical referral centers.


The Federal Prisoner Health Care Copayment Act (FPHCCA) of2000, PL 106- 294,18 U.S.c. ยง 4048 requires inmates pay a $2.00 copayment for health care visits they initiate.

Copayments are charged when:

I. An inmate requests a health care visit, for example: visits as a result of triage
(formerly known as sick call) including both medical and dental; requests for routine
dental care; after-hours evaluations that are not a medical emergency.

2. An inmate is found responsible through the disciplinary process to have injured an
inmate who then requires a health care visit.

3. Inmates in the Special Housing Unit will not be charged for daily rounds, but will be
treated the same as general population for other visits.

4. Only one charge per visit for the same complaint, even if the inmate is seen by
multiple providers.

5. If seen by medical staff for one problem, and dental staff for another problem, even if
on the same day, is considered two visits.

6. Will be charged a copayment if a visit is requested by any non-medical staffmember
(supervisor, lieutenant, Warden)
No copayments are charged when:

I. Based on health care staff referrals, e.g., MLP to Physician, RN to physician, outside
consultants, pre- and post-operative assessments or wound care.

2. Staff approved follow-up appointment for a chronic condition (chronic care clinics,
lab or x-ray studies).

3. Preventive health services (vaccinations, TB testing, mammography, dental

4. Emergency services (injuries, evolving MI, spontaneous abortion, strangulated hernia,

5. Mental health care

6. Substance abuse treatment.

7. Staff ordered BP monitoring, wound care, patient education, insulin administration,
scheduled finger sticks.


To obtain copies of your medical record, submit a Inmate Request to StaffMember by institution mail to the Health Information Management Department stating what information is needed.

Requests will be processed in the order they are received.


Therapies are provided upon referral by a physician and after evaluation by a therapist. The department provides a montly Diabetic Foot Care Clinic. Wheelchair utilization is monitored through this department. Repair of personal medical equipment, including wheelchairs, will not be done at government expense. If necessary items become inoperable, replacements will be provided.


Inmates are encouraged to discuss health and administrative concerns with Health Services staff while in the dining room during the lunch meal. Concerns may also be addressed by submitting an Inmate Request to Staff Member through the institutional mail.


If you are sexually assaulted, you should immediately inform staff. You will be examined and
evaluated by appropriate staff. All complaints will be investigated.


The Bureau of Prisons is advancing toward a clean air environment throughout all Institutions. As part of this project, FCI Fort Worth is offering an Inmate Smoking Cessation Program for which you may voluntarily participate in. To participate, you must complete the following steps:

I. You must complete an Inmate Request to Staff Member to your Primary Care Physician indicating your desire to participate in the Nicotine Replacement Therapy Program. Inmates requesting nicotine replacement therapy patches must have an initial medical assessment in order to purchase a six- to ten-week supply of nicotine replacement patches.

2. You must meet with your Primary Care Physician to discuss the possible side effects, obtain vital signs, and to obtain the approval form for Commissary to provide the nicotine replacement therapy patches for purchase.

3. During your visit, your Primary Care Physician will determine the appropriate number of patches you will be authorized to purchase. This authorization form should be delivered to the Commissary, showing your authorization for purchase of the nicotine replacement patches.


Equipment purchased for Health Services (i.e. sheets, blankets, robes etc.) are to remain in Health
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