FCI Fort Worth Personal Property

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Contraband is defined as anything: I) not purchased in the commissary, 2) not issued to an inmate by the institution, 3) not accepted into the institution through Receiving and Discharge, 4) belonging to another individual, or 5) any excess of inmate personal property. BOP and FCI Fort Worth policy provides that inmates and their property may be searched at any time by a staff member. This procedure is not intended as undue harassment but is necessary to maintain a safe institutional environment. All property is to be stored within the issued locker. The only exceptions are shoes, a dirty laundry bag, and one damp towel. The laundry bag and towel are to be hung on the side of the locker issued to the inmate.

A receipt will be given for personal property confiscated during a shakedown. The inmate has seven days from the date of confiscation to prove ownership of the item(s) in question. An Inmate Personal Property Form (Form 40) and receipts are necessary to prove rightful ownership through the Lieutenants’ Office. Inmates may not receive any personal property (including but not limited to radios, watches, etc.) from another inmate for any reason, including the release or transfer of an inmate.

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