FCI Gilmer Educational Programs

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The Education Department supports a learning experience supported by academic, comprehensive occupational and vocational programs. It is with this learning experience in mind that the staff is committed to assist each inmate in attaining personal educational and occupational goals. In fulfilling its function as a center of learning, the Education Department offers programs and services in the following areas:

1. Literacy Program/General Education Development
2. English as a Second Language (ESL)
3. Post Secondary Education-PS (College/Correspondence)
4. Occupational Education (Vocational/Apprenticeships)
5. Parenting
6. Adult Continuing Education (ACE)
7. Career Counseling/Pre-Release

Per Policy, with a few exceptions, all Federal inmates who do not have their high school diploma or a GED must enroll in the literacy program for a minimum of 240 hours. Inmates may request via cop-out (Inmate Request to Staff) to be removed from the literacy program after obtaining 240 hours of “Satisfactory” work; however, if the inmate is sentenced under the VCCLEA or PLRA, Good Conduct Time (GCT) may be affected.

Inmates who are not functioning at an eighth grade English level (reading, speaking & comprehension) will also be placed in the English as Second Language class (ESL). The exception to this rule would be if an inmate is a deportable alien sentenced under VCCLEA/PLRA. In order for a deportable alien to vest their earned GCT or be eligible for the maximum amount of GCT, deportable aliens who do not have a verified high school diploma or a GED and are sentenced under the VCCLEA/PLRA must follow the satisfactory progress provision of these laws. P.S.5350.28 17b.

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