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Inmates are encouraged to have visits in order to maintain family and community ties. Visiting is limited to four adult visitors and two children per visit. Visiting hours at the FCI/SCP are from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and on Federal Holidays. Visiting may be limited to ensure equitable access to visiting facilities. Visits will be held on a point system. Each inmate is allotted twelve points per month. Each weekday visit will be assessed as one point per visit.
Weekend visits will be assessed two points per visit. Holiday visits will be assessed two points, unless exempted by the Warden through a memorandum to the inmate population. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Visitors age sixteen (16) and older will be considered adult visitors. Underaged children must be monitored by a parent or guardian.
New inmates are asked to submit a visiting list to their Correctional Counselor for approval.
Relatives and friends may be approved after certain checks are made. Requests for approval for visitors should be made to your Correctional Counselor at least three weeks in advance of the intended visit.
Holdovers and Pre-Trial inmates may be limited to immediate family on their visiting list.
All visits will begin and end in the visiting room. Kissing, embracing, and handshaking are allowed only upon arrival and departure.
Inmates must be properly dressed in order to be admitted to the Visiting Room. Clothing must be neat and clean (khaki uniforms for FCI inmates and green uniforms for SCP inmates). Inmates must wear the issued black institutional shoe-boots. Inmates who require a soft shoe will be issued soft shoes at the time of the visit, to be worn throughout the visit and then turned in at the end of the visit. These shoes are only to be used for visiting.
There are limits on the number and type of articles taken into the visiting room. Typical items taken into the Visiting Room by an inmate are limited to a comb, wedding band, prescription eyeglasses, a handkerchief, and religious medal. Coins, cigarettes, and items purchased in the Visiting Room may not be brought back into the institution by the inmate.
Visitors must be properly dressed. Shorts, mini skirts, halter tops, baseball caps, and other clothing of a suggestive or revealing nature will not be permitted in the Visiting Room. Additionally, sweatpants will not be permitted in the Visiting Room. Visitors shall also refrain from wearing clothing similar to the inmate clothing (tan pants and shirt if entering the FCI and green if entering the SCP). Footwear must be worn by all visitors.

Identification of Visitors

Identification is required for visitors. These may include a State Driver’s License or State I.D. Card, or other official forms of identification with full names and signatures affixed. Birth certificates are not considered proper identification. Persons without proper identification will not be permitted to visit.
Visitors may be asked to submit to a search and must be able to clear a walk-though metal detector without setting off the detector’s alarm at the FCI. Visitors’ purses, attorneys’ briefcases, etc. may also be searched. Other personal articles belonging to visitors must be placed in lockers provided by the institution or may be left in their cars. Additionally, all visitors are subject to drug screening, using the ION Scan Drug Detector, prior to entering the institution. Any visitor refusing to submit to a scan or who fails the scanning, will be denied access into the institution.

Visitors are permitted to bring money into the Visiting Room to purchase items from the vending machines. Also, a reasonable amount of diapers, other infant care items, and sanitary napkins may be brought into the Visiting Room in a clear bag. No food may be brought into the Visiting Room.

Inmates are not allowed to receive either coins or money for their Commissary account while in the Visiting Room. Money for commissary accounts shall be sent through the mail, using a U.S. Postal Money Order.

No items may be exchanged in the Visiting Room without prior approval by the appropriate staff member.

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