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Upon receipt of property for an inmate, the receiving and discharge officer will notify the inmate and will process the property according to policy and the local institution supplement on inmate personal property. The receiving and discharge officer will record all inmate property on the Inmate Personal Property Record (BP-383).

The inmate will receive a copy of each completed Inmate Personal Property Record, and it is the inmate’s responsibility to ensure he maintains a copy for production if needed. Items which may be retained by an inmate are limited for sanitation reasons, security reasons, and to ensure that personal property is not excessive or constitute a fire hazard, or impair staff searches of the living area. The following list is not all­ inclusive, but it is a guide to the kind of items an inmate will be authorized to have at FCI, Greenville, as well as some detailed guidelines. See the institution supplement on inmate personal property for more information.


Personal property such as sweat clothes, tennis shoes, etc. should be marked with the inmate’s register number in order to reduce the chances of theft.

Civilian clothing or altered clothing of any type (except athletic apparel) is not authorized at FCI, Greenville. All clothing will be neatly stored in the inmate’s locker. Individual washcloths, towels, and bed linens are issued to inmates.

Special purpose i tems will only be authorized where they can be contained in the storage area provided for personal property, and will only be authorized if there is a identified need.

Legal mater ials are permitted for active/current legal cases only. The amount of storage space provided for legal materials is dependant upon the total storage space available. See the institution supplement on inmate personal property for the proper procedures.

Hobby craft materials that are allowed in the unit are the “in cell” items, all other materials will not be permitted in the housing units. Storage space may be requested through the recreation supervisor within the hobby shop.

Letters, photographs, newspapers, magazines, books, etc. will be limited as to the quantity allowable.

Sports and musical inst ruments will be limited to that which is indicated in the supplement. There will be no musical instruments for retention by inmates as personal property. Some instruments will be provided in the recreational services area for inmate use in the recreation music room ONLY.

Radios will be “etched” with the inmate’s name and number by commissary staff at time of purchase. An inmate may not own or possess more than one approved radio or watch at anyone time. Proof of ownership, through appropriate property receipts, will be required. Radios and watches may not have a value exceeding that indicated in the supplement.

Outgoing packages containing hobby craft items, books, etc., will be taken to the recreation department on the weekends as indicated in the institution supplement on inmate personal property. The inmate is responsible for providing stamps on all outgoing packages mailed in this manner.

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