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The Chapel Team

On behalf of the Pastoral Care Department we welcome you to FCI/FPC Greenville. The Religious Services Department Head is Philip W. Chapman, the Staff Chaplain is Rev. Bruce Neese. and Ms. Jennifer Braye is the Programs Assistant. The staff work schedule is posted in the chapel.


We provide numerous opportunities for worship and religious study. The FCI/FPC Religious Activities Schedule is posted inside the chapel and on unit bulletin boards. If you desire to practice another religion not listed on the schedule please contact one of the chaplains.

Procedures for Placement on call-out to Service

Each inmate is entitled to be placed on call-out to one (1) religious service per week. In order to be placed on call-out, the inmate must make a request to the Pastoral Care Department in writing on an Inmate Request to Staf f Member at least four (4) days in advance of the scheduled activity. If you hand deliver this request to staff it will expedite your request.

Procedures for Receiving Religious Articles

Inmates may purchase religious articles from official commissary vendors. Items may be selected from catalogues kept by the Pastoral Care Department. Religious items purchased in this manner will not be surcharged. Religious pendants and chains may not exceed $100.00 in value. Ordinarily, no religious items may come from home.

Procedures for Emergency Phone Calls

The Pastoral Care Department will assist inmates in situations when an emergency such as the death or the serious illness of an immediate family member occurs. In addition, the chaplain may assist with a phone call during times of family crisis. All phone calls will be provided on a speaker phone and are subject to being recorded.


The chaplains want to assist you. We provide emergency, grief, and other types of counseling. The chaplains are available on a walk in basis or you may choose to set up a time to talk with us by asking for a call-out.

Greeting Cards

The Pastoral Care Department maintains a greeting card program. We only stock “Get Well” and “Sympathy Cards”. To receive cards while in general population, stop by the chapel and complete and return the card request form. To receive cards while in SHU submit a “cop-out” to the chaplains.

Procedures for Placement on the Religious Diet Program

If you desire to be placed on the Religious Diet Program, you must be interviewed by a chaplain who will administer a Religious Diet Interview Form BP-S699.053. The chaplain will complete the interview and determine whether you may participate in the self select mainline or the certified processed food portion of the alternative diet program.

Life Connections Program (LCP)

If you are a male incarcerated in the medium security facility with approximately thirty six (36) months remaining on your sentence and are interested in the Religious Services faith based initiative re-entry program, please contact one of the chaplains for further information. The chaplains will provide inmates an LCP Application. Religious Services staff look forward to meeting, working, and worshiping with you. Please stop by and get to know us.


If an inmate wishes to be married while incarcerated, the warden may authorize him to do so, under certain conditions. All expenses of the marriage will be paid by the inmate. Government funds may not be used for marriage expenses. Inmates requesting permission to marry must meet the following conditions: the intended spouse must submit a letter to unit staff verifying her legal eligibility and intention to marry the inmate, and the inmate must demonstrate legal eligibility to marry and be mentally competent.

The chaplains are available to discuss with the inmate and fiancee the issue of marriage while incarcerated. The chaplains are also available to assist inmates in finding a clergy person to perform the wedding ceremony. The chaplain may arrange for an inmate to receive a plain gold wedding band the day of the service. All wedding services will be conducted under the supervision of the Religious Services Department in the visiting room.

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