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The Bureau of Prison requires that inmates confined at a Federal Correctional Institution
who do not have a General Education Development Diploma (GED) or a high school diploma must make an effort to obtain their GED’s while incarcerated, (Program Statement 5350.28, dated December 1, 2003.)

The 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act (P.L. 103-32) mandates that an
inmate, with a date of offense on or after September 13, 1994, but before April 26, 1996,
lacking a high school credential, participate and make satisfactory progress in the literacy
program in order to vest earned Good Conduct Time (GCT). The 1995 Prison Litigation
Reform Act (P.L.104-134, April 24, 1996) provides that in making GCT awards, the
Bureau shall consider whether inmates have earned or are making satisfactory progress
towards attainment of a GED credential.

The incentive awards include the following:

1. Twenty-five dollars will be awarded to the students completing the GED and/or the42
ESL program. Inmates in FRP refusal status, at the time of the completion, will forfeit the
incentive. In the event of budgetary constraints, other consumables may be awarded.
Students completing Pre-GED at the 8th grade achievement level, as measured by the
Test of Adult Basic Education or the Adult Basic Level Examination, may receive a cash
award, consumable or certificate as an incentive. Inmates completing the Life Skills
program are also eligible for an incentive.

1. An awards ceremony will be scheduled annually. Certificates will be awarded for
completion of programs and special achievements will also be recognized at this

2. The student with the highest GED score will be recognized during Graduation.

3. “Student of the Month” will be selected monthly, and will have their names posted in
the hallway of the Education Department for the month identified. Nominees for the
award will be made monthly to the Supervisor of Education, the decision will be
based on the written recommendation of the teacher, the student’s attitude, and his
behavior. This award is open to all students in all classes.

4. Pre-GED completions (8 grade attainment as measured by the Adult Basic Level
the Examination) may result in a $5.00 award.

All inmates will be interviewed by the Education Department Representative and those
without verified documentation of a GED or high school diploma will be scheduled for
placement testing. All inmate participants will work closely with their Education Unit Team
Representative, who will monitor each inmate’s education progress.

The GED program offered at FCI/FSL/FPC Jesup is distinguished by its strong
commitment to individualized instruction and its consistently high GED pass rate. Special
emphasis is placed on meeting the educational needs of each student.
FCI/FSL/FPC Jesup Education Department offers a Pre-Release Course which is
designed to assist the inmate with project release or halfway house placement date
eighteen months or less. English as a Second Language (ESL) is offered to facilitate the
learning of English by inmates who are not English speakers. Pursuant to the Crime
Control Act of 1990, 18 U.S.C. Section3624 (f), which states inmates with limited
proficiency in English who are confined in the Federal Prison System are required to
attend an ESL program until they are able to function at the equivalency of the 8th grade
level in recognized competency skills.


FCI/FSL Jesup Education Department offers a variety of courses for self-improvement.
Inmates may enroll, or gain specific information about any courses, by speaking with the
Adult Continuing Education Coordinator in the Education Department. Prior to the start of
these courses, notices will be posted in the Education Department. Commercial Driver’s
License (CDL) course will teach the basics in order to obtain a license. The Commercial
Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986 established standards which require commercial motor
vehicle drivers to obtain a standardized Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Legal
Research, Writing and Analysis Program has been designed to examine the major
components of legal research. Spanish I assist for non-Spanish speaking students in
learning a second language. Family Budgeting is formatted to teach you how to43
effectively handle your money and make a budget. Resume Writing provides information
how to write a successful resume in order to assist students in obtaining employment
upon release. The Parenting Program provides inmates with practical knowledge that will
meet the challenges of raising children today. Parenting classes are grouped, focused
and directed toward providing inmates with insight relating to the acquisition of effective
way to communicate and relate to their children and their families in general.

FCI/FSL/FPC Jesup offers a broad assortment of college correspondence courses to the
inmate population. Inmates must have their courses approved through the Supervisor of
Education and the ACE Coordinator before enrollment. The College Coordinator has
available literature and course catalogs from several accredited colleges that define
course offerings and cost. The Education Department provides proctoring services. The
Apprenticeship Program is registered with the United States Department of Labor.
Apprenticeship training is learning a skill under a journeyman. The length of training
varies in hours (2,000 – 8,000 hours) depending on the type of program. This training can
be satisfied through classroom instruction, correspondence courses, Ace courses, or
technical instruction through a supervisor that has been approved by the Supervisor of

Altamaha Technical College

Altamaha Technical College(ATC), through the FCI/FSL Jesup Education Department,
offers a wide variety of educational courses designed to develop academic and
occupational skills. Two types of credentials are available, offering either a diploma, or a
certificate upon completion of these programs. The FCI offers Commercial Wiring, Air
Conditioning Technology (HVAC), Business and Office Technology, and Culinary Arts.
These courses require a High School Diploma or a GED to participate in these programs.
The FSL offers either a diploma or a certificate for the Carpentry Program. A certificate is
offered for the Computer Technology at the FSL.
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