FCI Jesup Employment

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All inmates who have been medically cleared will be required to work and maintain a
regular job assignment. Many job assignments are controlled through a performance
pay system, which provides monetary payment for work. The pay grades available are
as follows:

Grade 1 .40 per hour
Grade 2 .29 per hour
Grade 3 .17 per hour
Grade 4 .12 per hour

Maintenance Pay $5.25 per month

Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR) has a separate pay scale. Unit staff will approve or
disapprove all job changes and ensure these changes are posted on the daily change

Institutional maintenance jobs are usually the first assignment an inmate receives. This
may include food service work assignments, unit orderly or maintenance shop

Inmates receiving performance pay who are found through the disciplinary process
to have committed a level 100 or 200 series drug- or alcohol-related prohibited act will
automatically have their performance pay reduced to maintenance pay level and will be
removed from any assigned work detail outside the secure perimeter of the institution. 6
This reduction to maintenance pay level, and removal from assigned work detail outside
the secure perimeter of the institution, will ordinarily remain in effect for one year, unless
otherwise authorized by the Warden.

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