FCI Jesup Religious Programs

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The Religious Services Department at FCI-Jesup will attempt to provide inmates of all
faiths with reasonable and equitable opportunities to pursue their individual belief, within
the constraints of budgetary limitations and the security and orderly running of the
institution. The Religious Department is staffed by both full-time and contract chaplains.
The Chaplains are available upon request to provide pastoral care, counseling, religious
education and instruction. Volunteers from the nearby communities augment and
supplement the institutional religious services staff.

Requests concerning pastoral visits, the retention of religious property and personal
religious items, the observance of religious holidays, the religious diet program and other
specific requests of a religious nature should be submitted to the Religious Services
Department on an “Inmate Request to Staff Member” form.

The chapel facility does contain a religious library where inmates may use religious
reference material and obtain some religious devotional and other reading material. This
library also has a supply of video and audio tapes which can be used in the Chapel area

The religious program and activity schedule and chaplain’s duty schedules are posted in
each unit and in the Chapel.

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