FCI Jesup Substance Abuse Programs

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Drug Abuse Treatment Programs

Sanctions: Inmates who are required to complete Drug Education
and who refuse to participate, withdraw, are expelled or otherwise
fail to meet attendance and examination requirements will be held at the
lowest pay grade within the institution and will be ineligible for community

‚Non -Residential Drug Program – Non-Residential Drug Treatment is
available to inmates with past and/or present substance abuse problems.
Inmates who have graduated from institution Residential Drug Abuse
Programs will receive their required monthly institutional Follow-Up (formerly
known as Transitional Services) through the Non-Residential Drug Abuse
Treatment Program. However, inmates interested in volunteering for the
Non-Residential Drug Abuse Treatment program should submit a Request to
Staff Member form to the R-DAP Coordinator.

Those inmates with insufficient time left to participate in the Residential Program and inmates who have lengthy sentences remaining to serve are strongly encouraged to participate in order to 1) satisfy judge
recommendations, 2) stay busy and productive, 3) gain insight and skills prior to entering the Residential Program, 4) satisfy unit team and Drug Abuse Program Coordinator recommendations, and, most importantly, 5) address your problems with alcohol and/or drugs. These small volunteer groups will meet for no less than once per week for 12 weeks and are designed to provide introductory and basic drug abuse treatment, not just drug education.

‚Residential Drug Abuse Treatment – Residential Drug Abuse Treatment is available at selected Bureau of Prisons facilities including FSL Jesup. This program consists of a course of individual and group activities provided by a drug abuse treatment team in a specialized housing unit. The program runs
for a minimum of 500 hours over a 10 month period. Inmates enrolled in this program are required to complete transitional services in a communitybased program or in a BOP institution. Inmates who meet the criteria for the program will be transferred to one of the following institutions appropriate to
their security level within the Southeast region:

To be eligible for this program must inmates must meet requirements for the program and have a documented drug use history, and a diagnosis by Drug Treatment Staff of a substance abuse problem. Inmates interested in this program should send an Inmate Request to Staff Member to the R-DAPCoordinator.

Incentives: Certain inmates may be eligible for six-month CCC placement and a sentence reduction of up to 12 months upon successful completion of RDAP and community transitional services. This only applies to inmates who have no violent instant or prior offenses, and who meet eligibility requirements according to Policy Statement 5330.10.

(Please note that the current average amount of early release time
that inmates are receiving through-out the BOP is 8 months.)

Psychology staff and Unit Staff do not participate in inmate transfers to other institutions for the purpose of maximizing an inmate’s early release benefits. Psychology staff make every effort to ensure that any inmate requesting drug treatment receive drug treatment appropriate to his individual needs and circumstances.

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