FCI Jesup Visitation

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FCI: Visiting hours will be Thursday through Monday and all federal holidays from 8:00
a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

All visitors are to be dressed appropriately for visiting. All visitors, including children,
must wear shoes at all times. All women must wear undergarments (bra, etc). The
following items of clothing are inappropriate for visiting at the FCI/FSL/FPC at Jesup,
Georgia: Shorts (male or female), skirts above the knee, skorts or culottes, halter tops
or halter dresses, strapless dresses/tops, tank tops, wrap skirts, spandex pants, skirts,
tights, sleeveless shirts, hats, military clothing (military personnel allowed), sheer
blouses and/or other apparel of a revealing nature.

Visitors personal property allowed to be taken into the visiting room is as follows:

- Money with no bill denominations over $5.00
- Comb/hair brush
- Baby bottles (must be clear plastic)
- Diapers (reasonable amount), baby powder, ointment & small blanket
- Baby Food (not to exceed 6 containers)
- Baby Clothes (one set)
- Medication (Life maintenance, i.e., heart, epileptic medication, etc. only. At the

FCI/FSL, these medications will be maintained by the Visiting Room Officer. Diabetic
medication and syringes are not considered life maintenance medications and will be
stored securely in the lockers or the visitor’s vehicle.)

- Jewelry worn in by the visitor
- Sweater/light jacket
- Reasonable amount of feminine hygiene items.

Inmate’s children under sixteen (16) years of age do not have to be on an approved
visiting list; however, they must be accompanied by an approved adult. Children ages
sixteen (16) and seventeen (17) do not have to be accompanied by an adult; however,
they must bring written approval of a parent, legal guardian or immediate family member
at least 18 years of age before entering the institution.

There are NO authorized items that visitors may bring to give to the inmate.
The Warden has delegated the Unit Manager authority to approve special visits for
immediate family members, verifiable in an inmate’s Pre-Sentence Investigation Report
(PSI), for the initial 30 days upon an inmate’s arrival. The Chaplain may also coordinate
special visits for clergy members. This section does not imply that special visits may
occur during non-visiting hours.

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