FCI La Tuna Employment

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The mission of UNICOR is to employ inmates in a contemporary and productive labor setting,
which will help reduce idleness and provide an excellent opportunity for personal earnings.

Industrial training in skilled and semi-skilled jobs is available with emphasis on
maintaining a safe work environment. High quality UNICOR products are sold to other
government agencies only.

There is one industry in operation at this institution. The main operation at the FCI and
FPC consists of vehicle retrofitting which encompasses the modification of existing
vehicles for use by the Border Patrol. All industry operations offer areas of specialized
training as well as incentive awards and benefits.


At the FCI and FPC, after completing A&O, you will be assigned to a job based on institution need. If you wish to work in UNICOR, a completed job application must be prepared by your Unit Team . Thereafter, it will go to the UNICOR Factory, and you name will be placed on the industries waiting list. Hiring is based on the waiting list priority. The list is posted on the North corridor bulletin board. You will not be considered for UNICOR employment unless your name is placed on the industries waiting list and you have received the Unit Team’s approval. At the FSL the Unit Manager reviews each case for gate pass and a committee of Associate Warden, SIS, and Captain review all outside details that service the military base.
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