FCI La Tuna Mental Health of Prisoners

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Psychology Services and the DAPS building are located side by side across from D-Block at
the FCI. They are also located side by side near Medical Services at the FSL.

You are all individuals, and as such, deal with problems differently. You will face a
variety of problems throughout your incarceration, and some of you will handle them quite
well. Others will not. Some of you come to La Tuna with a histories of mental health
problems, others may develop psychological problems during your incarceration, and others
may go through this experience without incident. Because you are all individuals, the way
that you deal with the problems that develop will vary widely. Some of the more common
issues that inmates deal with include: family issues, marital issues, death of a loved
one, additional legal problems, etc. Psychology works hard to intervene with inmates who
are experiencing significant distress, but we may not be aware of an inmates distress
unless staff refers him, or he comes to Psychology on his own. However, you may become
aware of an inmate who is in significant distress, and may even be contemplating suicide.

We want to make sure that we intervene with an inmate in crisis before he becomes so
despondent that he sees suicide as his only way out. One suicide is too many.
So, if you hear an inmate talking about suicide, or behaving in ways that lead you to
believe he may be contemplating suicide, please let Psychology staff know immediately.

Additionally, if you are aware that the inmate has recently been faced with a significant
stressor in his life, and doesn’t seem to be coping well, encourage him to seek help.


Individual Counseling: If you feel the need to see a psychologist, submit a “cop-out” with
a brief description of your problem and you will be placed on call-out. If you only speak
Spanish, indicate this on your “cop-out.” All medication issues are the responsibility of
Health Services, not Psychology Services.

Group Counseling: Group counseling, covering various topics, are periodically conducted
through the Psychology Department. Announcements are posted prior to a new group starting
and are often part of the pre-release program.

Crisis Intervention: A psychologist is available for emergencies, when required.

Suicide Companion Program: This program consists of inmate volunteers trained by
Psychology Services to recognize and effectively monitor actively suicidal inmates who are
housed in the “Suicide Watch” room. Minimal requirements for participation include; the
ability to read and write in English (bilingual is ideal), no serious psychological
problems, at least 2 years remaining on your sentence and must be reliable and mature.

Submit a “cop-out” if you’re interested in participating. Suicide Prevention training
occurs on a quarterly basis and you must attend four hours of training before participating
on a “Suicide Watch”.

Resource Center: We have a resource library available for your use. It is comprised of
various self-help materials and is located in Psychology Services. There are numerous
audiotapes, videotapes, books and programs available in both Spanish and English covering a
variety of subjects related to self-improvement.

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