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(See Institution Supplement 5580.6B, Inmate Personal Property.)

Personal property is any property you are permitted to bring with you when you enter the
institution, issued to you by institution staff, purchased in the Commissary, or obtained
with special staff permission and in compliance with the Program Statement and Institution
Supplement on Inmate Personal Property. All personal property must be stored in your
locker. Any property in your possession which is not authorized will be confiscated and
disposed of in accordance with Program Statement 5580.06B, Inmate Personal Property.

No personal property may be exchanged, given, or sold to any other inmate regardless of
value or cost.

You may not possess more than one watch and one radio at any time and proof of ownership
(Form 40-or commissary receipt) is required. Only Walkman or Walkman-type radios are
permitted at La Tuna.

Only one scrap book and one photo album may be retained. No nude photos or pictures may be displayed and Polaroid photos with backing are contraband.

You are allowed to maintain legal materials necessary for your current legal actions.

Materials which are not essential for litigation actually in progress must be disposed of
through appropriate institutional procedures. Only legal reference materials not available
in the law library will be permitted in your living quarters. See your Unit Manager for
more space.

Jewelry (neck chains, bracelets, etc.) not of a religious nature are contraband. Religious
medals are allowed only upon approval by the Chaplains and are limited to $100 or less in

Food items that are left open create a health hazard. These items must be properly sealed
at all times. Empty jars may not be used as drinking containers or for any other purpose
and are to be thrown away.

Inmates Transferred from Other Institutions:

Personal property which was authorized at another institution, but is not authorized at
this facility, is considered contraband and will be mailed to your home or other chosen
location at government expense. If you purchased a different type radio at another federal
institution and then transfer to La Tuna, the radio will be sent to a destination of your
choice at government expense.


(See Institution Supplement 5580.06B, Inmate Personal Property)
Contraband is any item not authorized to be retained upon admission to the institution or
issued by authorized staff, purchased from the commissary, or purchased or received through approved channels.

Hard contraband is any item which poses a serious threat to the security of the institution
and which is not approved for possession by an inmate. These are considered hard
contraband: weapons, intoxicants, currency, and narcotics.

Nuisance contraband is any item other than hard contraband which has not been authorized
for retention by the inmate. Examples of nuisance contraband include excessive
accumulation of commissary, clothing, newspapers more than one week old, more than 6
magazines and/or magazines more than 6 months old, letters which cannot be stored neatly in the designated area, food items retained beyond the point of safe consumption, and altered items of government/personal property. You may be subject to an incident report in these situations as determined by the staff.

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