FCI Lompoc Correspondence

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In most cases, inmates are permitted to correspond with the public, family members, and others without prior approval. Outgoing mail is placed in mailboxes located in the housing units. At the Medium, outgoing mail for inmates may be inspected and must remain unsealed. The outgoing envelope must have the inmate’s name, register number, and return address in the upper left-hand corner.

Inmates must assume responsibility for the contents of all their letters. Correspondence containing threats, extortion, etc., may result in prosecution for violation of federal laws.

Inmates may be placed on restricted correspondence status based on misconduct or as a matter of classification.

The inmate is notified of this placement and has the opportunity to respond.


First class mail is distributed Monday through Friday (except holidays) and ordinarily by the evening watch officer in each living unit.

There is no mail service at this institution on weekends and holidays. Newspapers and magazines may also be delivered at this time.

Legal and special mail will be delivered by the Unit Team as soon as possible after it is received. The number of incoming letters an inmate may receive will not be limited unless the number received places an unreasonable burden on the institution.

The incoming inmate mail must have an inmate’s full name and full register number. Nicknames and/or religious names will not be recognized by the mail room staff. This will aid prompt delivery and accuracy. All inmate packages received at the institution must have prior authorization.


In order to preserve the security and orderly running of the facility and protect the public, the Bureau of Prisons monitors conversations on all inmate telephones located within the institution. 300 minutes of telephone calls per month is the maximum an inmate may use. All phone calls will be only fifteen minutes long as the system will disconnect the call. Phones will not be used during your work hours. Additionally, it is considered an infraction of the rules to use another inmate’s telephone access code, place a call to an individual and be connected to another number or engage in 3-way telephone calls.

At an inmate’s Initial Classification, he will be able to submit up to 30 names with telephone numbers for activation in the Inmate Telephone System (ITS). These names should include family members, friends, attorneys, etc. In essence, the inmates’ 30 most important phone numbers. Verify the number before it is submitted through the unit team to the Financial Management Office.

Numbers may only be changed once per month. Inmates must buy telephone credits through the telephone system itself using their PCU number. When the announcement is posted, inmates may submit a new or revised list of telephone numbers through the Correctional Counselor to the Trust Fund Supervisor who is responsible for the operation of the ITS. Any other request regarding the ITS should be directed by Cop-Out, to the Trust Fund Supervisor. Requests for unmonitored attorney calls may be made to Unit Staff via Cop-Out and approved by the Unit Manager, only if a documented and compelling legal need exists, such as an imminent court deadline.

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