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Local, long distance, international and collect calls may be placed using the inmate telephones located in your respective housing unit. Credit card calls are not permitted. Third party calls are strictly prohibited, to include passing the telephone to another inmate during your conversation or having the individual on the other end of the call place a cell phone to the receiver to include a third person. INMATE CALLS ARE MONITORED.

To add or delete individual telephone numbers to your approved phone list, you must request a BP-505-Telephone Number Request Form, from a member of your Unit Team. The completed form must be returned to your Counselor in order to be processed. You will be permitted to make changes to your telephone list once per calendar month.

All telephones will be disabled between the hours of 11:30pm and 6:00am. Inmates found using the telephones while they are supposed to be at work or during “count” will be subject to disciplinary action.

In the event of a family crisis or emergency, you may contact either a member of your Unit Team or the Chaplain to request a special telephone call. The event necessitating the telephone call must be verified. All general and emergency telephone calls are subject to monitoring and recording.

Unmonitored, unrecorded telephone calls to attorneys can be arranged through your Unit Team. In order to receive an attorney call, your legal counsel must contact a member of your Unit Team in advance.

Telephones are not to be used to conduct business.


MAIL: The institution’s Mail Room is located in the basement of the South Unit below the Dormitory. Incoming general correspondence is distributed by the Unit Officers after the 4:00pm clears, Monday through Friday (excluding Federal holidays). Should you receive accountable mail for which you must sign, you will be called to the Mail Room and are required to have your ID Card for identification purposes.

Your incoming and outgoing mail should be addressed as follows:

Your Name and Register Number
Federal Correctional Institution Loretto
Your Assigned Housing Unit
P.O. Box 1000
Loretto, Pennsylvania  15940-1000

All monies or negotiable instruments must be sent to the National Lockbox Location at the following address:

Federal Bureau of Prisons
Inmate Name
Inmate Register Number
Post Office Box 474701
Des Moines, Iowa  50947-0001

The institutional Mail Room at FCI Loretto does not accept funds received from outside the institution.

Outgoing mail is processed Monday through Friday, excluding Federal holidays. There are two outgoing mailboxes for inmate use. The boxes are located outside the institution’s dining hall (in the dining hall at the camp). Two large, blue postal service-type boxes are provided for outgoing general correspondence. Outgoing mail may be sealed unless you have been authorized to correspond with another confined inmate or are on restricted correspondence. In this case, your outgoing mail must be left open.

OUTGOING LEGAL/SPECIAL MAIL PROCEDURES: Inmates must hand carry their outgoing Legal/Special Mail directly to the mail room staff. Legal/Special Mail will be accepted as noted below:

Monday 7:00am – 7:15am
Tuesday – Friday 11:15am – 12:15pm

If Monday is a Federal holiday, inmates can bring their legal mail Tuesday morning at 7:00am.

The inmate whose name appears in the return address block is the one who has to deliver the mail to the Mail Room staff. If anyone besides the inmate listed in the return address block brings the Legal/Special Mail to the Mail Room, they will receive and Incident Report. For identification purposes, inmates must have their commissary card in their possession when they deliver their Legal/Special Mail.

Outgoing Legal/Special Mail weighing 16 ounces or greater will be processed as a package. A Request-Authorization to Mail Inmate Package will be filled out at the Mail Room and the inmate must pack the package in the presence of the Mail Room Officer to ensure no contraband is being mailed.

INCOMING LEGAL/SPECIAL CORRESPONDENCE: All incoming Legal/Special Mail adequately identified as being received from a Legal/Special Mail source (along with the marking “Special Mail-Open Only in the Presence of the Inmate Only” on the outside of the envelope), will be date/time stamped upon receipt in the Mail Room and you will be called to the Mail Room to receive your Legal/Special Mail. It is your responsibility to notify your attorney(s) of the legal mail marking requirement in order for your mail to be afforded this special processing. Attachment C to this handbook is provided for you to use in notifying your attorney. Additional copies of this attachment may be obtained from your Counselor or at the Mail Room.

INCOMING PUBLICATIONS: FCI Loretto permits inmates to subscribe and receive publications without prior approval. The term “publication” means a book, single issue of a magazine, newspaper, or materials addressed to a specific inmate, such as adverting brochures, flyers and catalogs. An inmate may receive soft-cover publications (paperback books, etc) from any source. An inmate may receive hardcover publications and publications from a publisher or bookstore only. Due to sanitation and for fire and safety reasons, accumulation of publications will be limited to ten magazines (not to be more than three(3) months old) and to the amount that can be neatly stored in the locker and/or shelf provided in each room. Section 614 of the Fiscal Year 1999 Omnibus Budget Act

(P.L. 105-277) prohibits the Bureau of Prisons from distribution or making available to inmates any commercially published material which is sexually explicit or features nudity. This amendment is referred to as the “Ensign Amendment)”.

Publications also can be rejected if they contain any of the following: articles depicting security devices, articles detailing construction of bombs or weapons, articles detailing or encouraging escape from correctional facilities, articles promoting any racial violence, explicit homosexual activity, and sexual activity with minors or animals. The Warden can also reject a publication if it is determined to be detrimental to the security and orderly running of the institution, or if it might facilitate criminal activity.

PACKAGES: Special Mail/Legal packages must have “Special Mail-Open in the Presence of the Inmate” noted on the outside of the package. All other incoming packages must have “Authorized by Bureau of Prisons Policy” followed by an identification of the contents (e.g., paperback books or magazines). These markings are intended to alert the Mail Room Officer to the fact that enclosed materials contain matter approved under an existing Bureau policy and do not require a Special Package Authorization Form. The only package an inmate may receive from home is that containing release clothing, within the last 30 days of confinement. A Package Authorization Form must be obtained from your Correctional Counselor.

CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN CONFINED INMATES: An inmate may be permitted to correspond with any inmate confined in another penal or correctional institution. This is permitted if the inmate is either a member of the immediate family, or is a party in a legal action (or witness) in which both parties are involved. The following additional limitations may apply:

  • Such correspondence may always be inspected and read by staff at the sending and receiving institutions (it may not be sealed by the inmate)
  • Staff at both institutions must approve the correspondence in advance. Your Case Manager can assist you in obtaining approval.

REJECTION OF CORRESPONDENCE: The Warden may reject correspondence sent by, or to, an inmate if it is determined to be detrimental to the security, good order, or discipline of the institution, to the protection of the public, or if it might facilitate a criminal activity.

The warden will give written notice to the sender concerning the rejection of mail and the reason for rejection. The sender of the rejected correspondence may appeal the rejection. The inmate will also be notified of the rejection of correspondence and the reason(s) for it. The inmate also has the right to appeal the rejection. Rejected correspondence ordinarily will be returned to the sender.

RECEIVING AND DISCHARGE: Transferring inmates will be called to R&D when their property arrives. It is not unusual for an inmate’s property to arrive 2 to 3 weeks after he arrives at FCI Loretto. If it has not arrived after 3 weeks you can contact your Counselor to inquire about your property.

SENTENCE COMPUTATIONS: Sentence Computations are now done at the Designation and Sentence Computation Center in Grand Prairie, Texas. Sentence Computations will normally be prepared in about thirty (30) days from your arrival. You will receive your copy of the Sentence Computation via the 4:30pm mail call.


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