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Every inmate is expected to work unless medically unassigned. Many job assignments provide monetary compensation through a Performance Pay System. Inmates assigned to Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR) will be compensated under a separate pay scale. You will receive work performance evaluations from your work detail supervisor and you are expected to earn your pay.



FEDERAL CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION Loretto, Pennsylvania October, 2008

**CHANGE SHEETS: You will be notified of any subsequent changes to your job assignment either by your Counselor and/or the posted Change Sheets.


Your work detail supervisor will go over your position description with you and ask you to sign and date it. Each position (job) description will clearly state your duties and responsibilities. A Grade Level (1-4) will be associated with each position (UNICOR 1-5). Grade Level 1 positions usually require a higher skill level and greater responsibility; less for grades 2 through 4.

Performance pay is based on hours of successfully completed work during each month. The work month begins on the first of each month and runs through the last day of the month. Performance pay is generally posted by the 10th of the following month. If sufficient funds are available, bonuses and special awards are considered for those who demonstrate extra initiative during any given month.


The Facilities Department at FCI Loretto provides inmates with a meaningful opportunity to enhance learned skills and to develop apprentice-level abilities.

The Facilities Department is responsible for the preparation of preliminary plans (blueprints and/or mechanical drawings), new construction, renovations, repairs, and maintenance of all utilities and equipment at FCI Loretto.

The goal of the Facilities Department is to utilize and train inmates, while providing cost effective construction and maintenance services to the institution in a correctional setting.

Inmates with construction-related skills, or those desiring an opportunity to learn a trade-related skill in any of the following areas, should request job placement in the Facilities Department through your Unit Team. These areas include: drafting, electric, landscape, garage, communications, powerhouse, plumbing, welding, painting and construction.


UNICOR is the trade name of Federal Prison Industries, a wholly owned government corporation established by Congress on June 23, 1934, to provide job skills training and employment opportunities for inmates serving sentences in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. For many inmates, working in federal Prison Industries represents an opportunity to learn a marketable skill and gain valuable work experience, both of which will substantially enhance their ability to successfully reintegrate into society following release from prison.

Inmates working in the UNICOR factory here at FCI Loretto produce electrical cable assemblies for the Department of Defense, ranging from simple extension cords to more complex wire-harness’ for military tanks. The factory is ISO 9000-2001 registered.

If you are interested in working in UNICOR, you must contact your Unit Team Counselor to be placed on one of three waiting lists. The first list is for those inmates who have previously worked for UNICOR. The second list is for inmates with significant financial obligations, in excess of $1,000. All other inmates will be placed on the third list.

If you are assigned to UNICOR, you will receive a three(3) day orientation class to instruct you on the proper use of tolls and reading and interpreting drawings and work instructions. In addition, you will receive training on wire soldering techniques, the safe and proper use of chemicals, as well as a variety of other topics, all prior to your being permitted to work on any of the various cable assemblies.

Inmates with outstanding financial obligations who work in UNICOR will be required to contribute fifty (50) percent of their wages toward meeting these obligations.

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