FCI Loretto Programs

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The Financial Responsibility Program (FRP) will be explained to you in depth at your Initial Classification meeting. You will be required to make regular payments toward any court ordered assessments imposed in your case. These obligations may include: special assessments imposed under 18 USC 3013, court-ordered restitution, fines and court costs, judgments in favor of the U.S., other debts owed the federal government, and/or any other court-ordered obligations (e.g., child support, alimony, other judgments). Your Unit Team will work with you to establish a mutually agreeable financial payment plan and it is expected that you will make every effort possible to reduce your financial obligations.

A review of your financial status will be conducted during each subsequent Program Review. It is your responsibility, however, to notify unit staff of any changes to your financial standing that might impact your ability to make the requisite payments (e.g., increased job earnings, outside sale of property, etc.) When community resources are used to make payments toward your financial obligations, you will need to provide a copy of each payment receipt to your Counselor.

It is important to note that refusal to participate in the FRP will automatically preclude you from working in UNICOR and may also be taken into consideration by staff when reviewing your eligibility for community activities and/or other institution programs. Additionally, inmates with an outstanding balance will not be allowed to spend more than $25.00 monthly in the Commissary (excluding stamps, telephone credits and certain religious items) if they are in FRP REFUSE status.

Priority placement in UNICOR will be given to those inmates with financial obligations over $1,000. Per policy, at least 50% of all UNICOR earnings must be applied toward the balance of one’s financial obligations.


The Recreation Department provided a broad range of recreational/leisure time activities for Loretto’s inmate population.

Inmates should be aware of any physical limitations they might have and medical clearance is mandatory for all strenuous activities. Feel free to discuss individual needs with recreation staff members.

A gymnasium is located adjacent to the Visiting Room. The recreation facilities provide inmates with a variety of activities, including, but not limited to, varsity and intramural basketball, softball and volleyball. The gym closes each night at 8:30pm. Also offered are craft programs in fine arts, ceramics and leatherwork. There is also an outside track area for running or walking, and special entertainment and games, contests, and holiday activities.

The Recreation Department also strives to offer activities to those individuals who, for whatever reason, do not participate in regularly scheduled recreation programs.

Schedules for specific activities are posted on inmate and recreation bulletin boards. The recreation staff encourages inmates to take advantage of the facilities and activities offered and to pursue personally satisfying and meaningful use of free time. All card games must end at 11:50pm.

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