FCI Manchester Substance Abuse Programs

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Psychology Services provide two of the three types of BOP drug programming services: Drug education and the Nonresidential Drug Abuse Program. Drug education focuses on helping participants to understand the psychological and physical effects drugs/alcohol have on the user. The hope is that this knowledge will motivate and encourage inmates with substance abuse problems to continue their recovery efforts by volunteering for one or both of the Bureau’s drug abuse treatment programs. Here at Manchester, the Nonresidential Drug Abuse Program (NRDAP) is available for those inmates who recognize problems with past alcohol or drug abuse. The program, which involves, various activities over a 6-month period, focuses on issues related to establishing and maintaining sobriety, both while incarcerated and after release. Inmates who successfully complete the 6-month program may be eligible for a Limited Achievement Award of up to $30. Contact Psychology Services: Drug Treatment for more information about the program and how to join.


The Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) is the second treatment program available to inmates in the federal prison system. This institution does not have a RDAP, but inmates who qualify for the program are transferred to an institution where the program is available. A RDAP is a more intensive, 9-month, residential drug treatment service. Inmates who successfully complete the program may be eligible for a number of incentives, including financial awards, consideration for the maximum period of time in a community-based treatment program, local institution consideration for the maximum period of time in a community-based treatment program, local institution incentives such as preferred living quarters or special recognition privileges, and early release if eligible, up to 12 months. Additional information about this programming is available from Psychology Services upon request. Direct your inquiries to Psychology Services: Drug Abuse Program Coordinator.
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