FCI Marianna Medical Care

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Program Objective

The expected result of this program is that Health care will be delivered to inmates in accordance with proven standards of care without compromising public safety concerns inherent to the agencys overall mission.

Availability and Accessibility

The FCI and FPC provide primary health care for acute and chronic conditions including diagnosis, treatment, education, and counseling for inmates. Our staff includes: physicians, mid-level practitioners, nurses, dentists, a pharmacist, and administrative support staff.

Most radiological procedures are done onsite with the support of a consultant radiologist. All laboratory specimens are sent to referral laboratories for analysis, except for finger sticks for blood glucose and urine dip sticks. Consultants from the specialties of optometry, surgery, dermatology, psychiatry, ophthalmology, internal medicine and dietician evaluate patients at the institution on a regularly scheduled basis. Any additional care needs as determined by the Clinical Director will be provided in the local community or by a Federal Medical Center.

Primary Care Provider Teams

Healthcare is delivered by an assigned team of medical providers. Upon arrival to FCI/FPC Marianna each inmate is assigned to a team consisting of a primary mid-level provider(PA/ARNP), nurse (RN/LPN), and a physician. FCI inmates are assigned to a team by their register number. Specifically, the last two digits of the first five numbers of their register number (i.e.00025 -000). A complete listing of healthcare team providers and the inmate population register numbers they provide primary services to is posted on each unit bulletin board ( A & B side). FPC inmates are assigned to a single team given the population size of the unit.

Inmate Co-payment Program

In accordance with Program Statement P6031.02 you must pay a fee of $2.00 for health care services (includes medical and dental services), charged to your Inmate Commissary Account, per health care visit, if you receive health care services in connection with a health care visit that you requested, except for services described below:
We will not charge a fee for the following:
1. Health care services based on health care staff referrals;
2. Health Care staff-approved follow-up treatment for a chronic condition;
3. Preventive health care services;
4. Emergency services;
5. Prenatal care;
6. Diagnosis or treatment of chronic infectious diseases;
7. Mental health care; or
8. Substance abuse treatment.
If a health care provider orders or approves any of the following, we will not charge a fee:
 Blood pressure monitoring;
 Glucose monitoring;
 Insulin injections;
 Chronic care clinics;
 TB testing;
 Vaccinations;
 Wound Care; or
 Patient education.

Requested appointments which qualify for a fee assessment include Sick Call and after-hours requests to see a health care provider. If you ask a non-medical staff member to contact medical staff to request a medical evaluation on your behalf for a health service not listed above, you will be charged a $2.00 copay fee for that visit. You must pay a fee of $2.00 for health care services, charged to your Inmate Commissary Account, per health care visit, if you are found responsible through the Disciplinary Hearing Process to have injured an inmate who, as a result of the injury, requires a health care visit. Your health care provider will determine if the type of appointment scheduled is subject to a copay fee. If you are considered indigent at the time of your appointment, you will not have the copay fee deducted from your Inmate Commissary Account. An indigent inmate is an inmate who has not had a trust fund account balance of $6.00 for the past 30 days. If you are NOT indigent, but you do not have sufficient funds to make the copay fee on the date of the appointment, a debt will be established by TRUFACS, and the amount will be deducted as funds are deposited into your Inmate Commissary Account.

Sick Call Hours

Medical sick call hour appointments are routinely scheduled from 6:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. daily (Monday – Friday) with the following exceptions:
At the FCI and FPC, Wednesday’s are administrative days when only physical examinations, speciality services, and emergencies are seen. All A & O processing is routinely performed on this day.
On week-ends and holidays, only emergency cases will be evaluated.


Requests for medical sick call or routine medical care should be written out indicating your sick call/routine care complaint and submitted on an INMATE REQUEST TO A STAFF MEMBER FORM (blank forms are available in the unit). All requests should be placed in the appropriate metal box (FCI – located just inside the grilled area & to the left of the Health Services main entrance) ( FPC – located next to the waiting room door of the Health Services main entrance) in which your assigned mid-level providers name appears on the front of the box. All requests for sick call or routine medical care received prior to 7:30am will be processed the same day and returned to you via the evening institutional mail call with your scheduled appointment time/date noted. Those received after 7:30am will be processed the next work day. Appointments will be given in accordance with sick call triage guidelines (i.e. Same Day, 1-2 days, 3 days, 7-14 days). Patients arriving late for appointments will not be seen and are subject to disciplinary action. It is your responsibility to check the call-outs (appointment system) on a daily basis to include week-ends and report for your appointment at the proper time. Sick call rounds in the Special Housing Units will be performed daily each morning without exception.
After-Hour Treatment: Only emergencies will be evaluated.

Normal Duty Hours

6:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with the exception of weekends and holidays.


The following procedure will be followed in the event of a medical emergency. First, notify your work supervisor/correctional officer. Then a staff member will notify the medical practitioner on duty who will assess the urgency for treatment.

Medical Personnel

Names and titles are posted in the front lobby of the Health Services Department. When addressing or requesting the attention of a staff member you are to use their title or Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc. followed by their last name. The practice of first name usage is not allowed.


In an effort to facilitate and provide you with quality health care, translators are available in various languages upon your request.

Temporary Medical Classifications

See below.


These are generally short-term, not to exceed 72 hours, for acute injuries or illnesses. This is a non-working status. You must remain in your unit with the following exceptions: You may attend meals, religious services and sick call.


These are generally long-term, not to exceed 30 days, for surgical procedures or rehabilitation. This is a non-working status. You may leave the unit after clearance of the Unit Officer. You will not be allowed to participate in any sports unless otherwise indicated by the practitioner.

Pharmacy Services

Prescriptions written for you during sick call visits or follow-up appointments are to be picked up by you no later than 72 hours after your appointment. Refills are to be turned in during the first pill-line of the day. Pill line hours are clearly posted at the pharmacy window. Over the counter medications such as aspirin, Tylenol and common cold preparations are available at the commissary for your purchase. An evaluation is required for all medications dispensed at the pharmacy that require a prescription.

Physical Examinations

All newly committed inmates, halfway house failures and parole violators will have a physical examination in accordance to criteria set forth in Program Statement 6031.01. As an inmate in this category you may not refuse any part of the initial physical or testing. Routine medical assessments will be completed following the Medical Directors established criteria for Preventive Health Care. Inmates preparing to be released may have an exiting physical upon written request to the Health Information Department. The request cannot be more than 6 months prior to release or less than one month prior to release.


Unless otherwise documented, all inmates are required to receive a tetanus and PPD upon arrival at the institution. Females of childbearing age will be offered Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccine. Yearly influenza vaccine is offered to the population with emphasis placed on those “at risk”. Hepatitis B vaccine series will be offered to those inmates working in potentially hazardous areas, and Pneumococcal vaccine is offered when clinically indicated only.

Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Program

This facility fully supports patient education, disease prevention programs and your active participation in your health care. In order to facilitate these programs your unit team, psychology department, recreation department and health services unit has joined efforts to provide you with a variety of written material, videos, audio tapes, oral presentations, workshops, and exercises to assist and guide you in your total body care.

Medical Record Copies

Requests for copies of your medical file should be submitted on an INMATE REQUEST TO A STAFF MEMBER FORM and sent via the institutional unit mail to the Health Services Department, specifically addressed to the Medical Records Department. The cop-out should provide the specific items that you are requesting copies of from your file. You will then be placed on institution call out when your copies are ready.

Elective Female Health Examinations

You can electively request to have a pap smear, pelvic and/or breast examination performed. These services are offered to the inmate population in accordance with the current BOP -Preventive Health Care Guidelines. Pap smears are performed every year for patients age 30 and below, and every 3 years for patients over age 30. Breast exams are performed annually. Please submit an INMATE REQUEST TO A STAFF MEMBER FORM to the FPC Health Services Department requesting which examination(s) you would like to have performed. Mammography is offered to the inmate population in accordance with the current BOP -Preventive Health Care Guidelines. Mammograms begin at age 40, every 2 years – sooner or more often if family history of breast cancer. If you fall within the above recommended age group and would like to have a mammogram, please submit an INMATE REQUEST TO A STAFF MEMBER FORM to the FPC Health Services Department to be scheduled for this study. The mammography guidelines do not include those with clinical indication or history of abnormal study. These cases will be followed by the Health Services Department as clinically indicated. The proper procedure in performing a self-breast exam will be demonstrated during the Admission and Orientation lecture provided by a Health Care Provider.

Health Care Rights and Responsibilities

While in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons you have the right to receive health care in a manner that recognizes your basic human rights, and you also accept the responsibility to respect the basic human rights of your health care providers. A copy of the Health Care Rights and Responsibilities is posted in the front lobby of the Health Services Department and is provided for your review with this booklet. It is in your best interest to involve yourself in your care and treatment as prescribed/ordered.
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