FCI Marianna Mental Health of Prisoners

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Services Provided by the Psychology Department

Psychology Services departments in all Bureau of Prisons institutions offer basic mental health care to inmates. This care may include screening, assessment and treatment of mental health or drug abuse problems, individual and/or group counseling, psycho-educational classes, self-help and supportive services, or referral to Health Services for medical treatment of a mental illness.
In addition, Psychology Services staff, along with other programming staff in the institution, collaborate with your Unit Team to develop a comprehensive assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Based on this assessment, Psychology Services will offer programming recommendations specific to your psychological needs. These recommendations are designed to ensure your successful adjustment to incarceration and prepare you for your eventual release. We encourage you to participate actively in the assessment process. If mental health or drug abuse programming is recommended for you, Psychology Services staff will provide ongoing feedback to you and your unit team regarding your progress toward these programming goals.

Psychology Services Staff Members

The Psychology Department consists of five psychologists (the Chief, the DAP Coordinator, one Resolve Program Coordinator, the SOMP Coordinator, and one SOMP psychologist), six Drug Treatment Specialists, three SOMP treatment specialists and one Psychology Technician.
Psychology Services Staff Members
Staff Office Location & Coverage
D. Willis, Psy.D., Chief Psychologist Psychology Department
Psychology Technician, FISH Coord. Psychology Department
I. Ramos, Psy.D., Resolve Program Coordinator Camp/Navajo
Sex Offender Treatment Program Staff
K. Pistro, Psy.D., Sex Offender Management Coord. Mohawk
O. Stone, Ph.D., Psychologist Creek
M. Hogans-White, Treatment Specialist Mohawk
M. Land, Treatment Specialist Navajo
H, Porter, Treatment Specialist Creek
Residential Drug Abuse Program Staff
A. J. McCartney, Ph.D., Drug Abuse Program Coord. Apache
J. Dickens, Drug Abuse Treatment Specialist Apache
T. Duvall, , Drug Abuse Treatment Specialist Apache
A. Johnson, Drug Abuse Treatment Specialist Apache
J. Ozbun, Drug Abuse Treatment Specialist Apache
G. Poole, Drug Abuse Treatment Specialist Apache
S. Thompson, Drug Abuse Treatment Specialist Apache
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