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In most cases, inmates are permitted to correspond with the public, family members and others without prior approval or the maintenance of a correspondence list. Outgoing mail is placed in mailboxes located in the housing units. Outgoing mail will be inspected by staff, and must be unsealed when deposited in the institution mailbox. The outgoing envelopes must have the inmate’s name, registration number, and complete return address in the upper left hand corner. Do not abbreviate Federal Correctional Institution McDowell.

Inmates will be responsible for the contents of all of their letters. Correspondence containing threats, extortion, etc., may result in prosecution for violation of Federal laws.

Inmates may be placed on restricted correspondence status based on misconduct or as a result of classification. The inmate is notified of this placement and has the opportunity to respond. There is no mail service on weekends and holidays.


Inmates must be registered with a Voice Verification (V-PIN) prior to use of the inmate telephones. V-PIN is a security feature designed to work with an inmate’s existing telephone Personal Access Code (PAC) number to prevent the inmate’s phone account from being accessed by other inmates. V-PIN will match the inmate’s voice which is recorded during V-PIN registration. The Trust Fund Technician will establish an inmate’s V-PIN registration is complete upon the inmate’s arrival at the institution.

All inmate telephone numbers are set-up in the Trust Fund Limited Inmate Communications System (TRULINCS) as contacts. Inmate telephone lists may contain up to a maximum of 30 telephone numbers.

The management of contacts is the responsibility of each inmate. The TRULINCS contact list enables inmates to edit (i.e., add, change, or delete) telephone numbers from their list. Once an inmate contact has been established with a valid telephone number, the number can normally be called within 15 minutes.

While policy specifically allows inmates to make one call every three months, there is no specific limit on the number of phone calls that an inmate may make. It is expected that each inmate will handle his calls in such a manner that will allow the equal use of the phones by all inmates. Calls are limited to fifteen (15) minutes in duration. Each inmate unless on telephone restriction, is allowed 300 minutes of calls per month. Telephones will not be used to conduct a business. FCI/FPC McDowell has the Inmate Telephone System. This system uses a Personal Access Code(PAC).

The PAC is a nine-digit number that allows an inmate access to the inmate telephone system.
This code will be established for new upon arrival and given to them by their Unit Team. Inmates are to treat the PAC number as strictly confidential and are not authorized to share this
information with any other inmate. Any inmate allowing another to utilize his PAC number will
receive an incident report. Should an inmate have any reason to believe his PAC number is
lost or stolen, he should report it to his assigned Unit Team member immediately. To obtain a
new PAC number, the inmate will be charged a $5.00 processing fee. Utilization of a Request
for a Withdrawl of Inmate Personal Funds Form(BP-199) is required.

You are allowed to have thirty (30) approved numbers on your phone list. In order to
use the system, you will have to transfer funds from your commissary account to your
individual telephone account. There are telephones located in each housing unit for
your use. No third party, credit card calls, 1-800, 1-900, 1-888, or 1-976 calls can be
made on these lines. Collect calls can also be made to approved telephone numbers.

Phone time will be transferred from your commissary account to your telephone account by use of the telephone. Giving or selling your PAC number will result in disciplinary action. All calls are automatically terminated after fifteen (15) minutes. A 30 minute waiting period between calls is imposed at FCI McDowell. Telephones are to be used for lawful purposes only. Threats, extortion, etc. may result in prosecution. All inmate telephones are subject to monitoring and recording. Inmates must contact their Counselor to arrange an unmonitored attorney call.

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