FCI McDowell Substance Abuse Programs

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Drug treatment programs are provided. They include the Drug Education course, Non-Residential Drug Treatment and the Residential Drug Treatment program. The Drug Education course is a 12-15 hour program that educates inmates about drugs, addiction and recovery. The course requires scoring 70% or better on a course exam. Upon successful completion of the course a certificate is issued. In accordance to policy, many inmates are required to take the course.

The Non-Residential Drug Program is designed to aid inmates recovering from drug/alcohol addictions and is available to all inmates who volunteer to participate. The program is designed to build positive skills in a variety of areas. It ordinarily lasts12-24 weeks and consists of individual treatment goals and a variety of program activities. Inmates who complete the program will receive a certificate and may be eligible for a monetary incentive award.

The Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) is a comprehensive program for inmates who volunteer for treatment and have a diagnosable and verifiable substance use disorder. The unit-based portion of the program consists of 500 hours of program activities. If time allows between completion of the unit based portion of the program and transfer to a community-based program, inmates must participate in institutional follow-up services on a monthly basis for up to 12 months. Inmates who complete the unit based program and (when appropriate) the institution follow-up services and are transferred to community confinement must successfully complete community based drug abuse treatment in a community based program to successfully complete the program. Some inmates may be eligible for a sentence reduction of up to 12 months upon successful completion of RDAP. FCI McDowell does not have RDAP; however, eligibility interviews for the program are completed at the institution. Inmates found eligible to participate may be transferred, when appropriate, to an institution that has the program. In order to be interviewed for the program inmates must submit a cop-out to Psychology when they are between 60 and 24 months to release.

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