FCI McDowell Visitation

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Visiting Schedule

Visiting will be offered on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and all federal holidays. Visiting hours on these days will be 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Social visits will not be processed before 8:00 a.m. or after 2:00 p.m.


FCI Address: 101 Federal Drive Welch, West Virginia.

Directions: From Beckley WV: turn left on WV-16 , stay straight on WV-121 South, turn right onto Slab Fork RD/CR-34, continue on CR-34 then turn Right onto WV-97, then take a left onto WV-10, and then turn right onto WV-16 continue South until you enter McDowell County, take the first Right onto 101 Federal Drive. There will be a Federal Institution sign marking the location.

From Bluefield WV: Take US-52 North and then make right onto WV-16N continue on WV-16 North for approximately 7 miles there will be a Federal Institution sign marking location.

FCI Phone: (304) 436-7300

Local Transportation: None Available

Dress Code for Visitors

The following restrictions on clothing will be strictly enforced:

(a) Tops will cover the upper body, including stomach, chest/breasts, and back. Tank tops are not permissible. Clothing made of see-through material will not be permitted. Dresses, skirts, or tops that wrap around the body, and/or any dress or skirt with a slit above the top of the knee will not be permitted.

(b) Skirts, shorts or dresses must not be shorter than two inches above the mid-knee for persons over 10 years of age. Tight or form fitting dresses such as knit, Spandex, or any other material that is form fitting will not be permitted. Clothing with suggestive or offensive words or pictures will not be permitted.

(c) Any “pantyhose” type leggings, Spandex, leotards, etc., or pants with holes, will not be permitted unless the lower body is covered by an appropriate length dress/skirt.

(d) Beach style footwear (i.e., flipflops, shoes without a back strap, etc.) may not be worn. Footwear with rolling wheels are not permitted.

(e) Any clothing accessible to the inmate population through the commissary such as sweat pants, sweat shorts, and plain white t-shirts are not permitted. Any khaki or tan colored pants, shirts, jackets or coats are not permitted.

(f) No head-wear such as hats, visors, head wraps or headbands (with exception to religious head-wear) will not be permitted. Sun glasses, or any hooded jackets or shirts will not be permitted in the visiting room.

(g) Any clothing not noted above that is deemed inappropriate for wear in a correctional facility will not be authorized. Provocative and/or excessively revealing
attire will not be permitted in the correctional facility.

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