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In most cases, inmates are permitted to correspond with the public, family members and others without prior approval or maintenance of a correspondence list. Outgoing mail is placed in mailboxes located in the housing units. FCI McKean is classified a medium security level institution. All outgoing mail (except special and legal mail) “must” be left unsealed at the time of mailing. All inmates will place their outgoing mail into the mailboxes located in their respective housing units unsealed. The unit officers on the morning watch will inspect the out-going mail and then seal the mail for delivery to the mail room. The mail will be picked up by the compound officers during the 3:00 a.m. count for delivery to the mail room.

All outgoing mail must contain a return address as follows:

Committed Name Register Number Federal Correctional Institution, McKean
P.O. Box 8000 Bradford, PA 16701

Inmates must assume responsibility for the contents of their letters. Correspondence containing threats, extortion, etc., may result in prosecution for violation of federal laws. Inmates may be placed on restricted correspondence status based on misconduct or as a matter of classification. The inmate is notified of this placement and has the opportunity to respond. There is no mail service on weekends and holidays.

Incoming Correspondence

First class mail is distributed Monday through Friday (except holidays), and ordinarily by the evening watch officer in each living unit. Newspapers and magazines will also be delivered at this time. Legal and special mail will be delivered by a member of the unit team in accordance with the program statement on correspondence and the mail management manual. Inmates are asked to advise those writing to them to put the inmate’s committed name, register number, and unit on the envelope to ensure proper delivery of mail.

Incoming Packages: Inmates may receive packages only through the U.S. Postal Service by three authorized methods:

1. An Authorization to Receive Package, form BP-331, is authorized and on file with the mailroom.
The forms are only issued for release clothing and medical items.

Any package (mail weighing in excess of 16 ounces is considered a “package”) received at the U.S. Post Office must be clearly marked on the outside of the package, AUTHORIZED BY BUREAU POLICY.” If the package is not clearly marked, it will be refused and returned to sender. 1\ will not be brought back to the institution. This statement refers to packages from all sources, family members, attorneys, etc. It is the inmate’s responsibility to make notification of this requirement. No magazines, softback books, hardback books, or newspapers can be sent from domestic addresses. They must come directly from a publisher or book store.
Educational materials -The inmate’s name must appear on a list provided by the education department. All materials will be forwarded to the education department for final approval and distribution.
The correct mailing address to receive mail at FCI McKean is as follows:

Inmate Name, Register Number FEDERAL CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION, McKean PO. Box 8000 Bradford, Pennsylvania 16701-0980

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