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All inmates are expected to maintain a regular job assignment. Most job assignments are controlled through a performance pay system which provides monetary payment for work. Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR) has a separate pay scale. Unit staff approve job changes and see that the changes are posted on the daily change sheet.

Institution landscape or food service jobs are usually the first assignment an inmate receives. However, most institutions have a significant number of inmate jobs in factories operated by Federal Prison Industries, also known as UNICOR. There is a waiting list for factory employment.

Performance Pay

Work performance, as well as productive participation in correctional programs, may be recognized by performance pay. There are four (4) basic pay grades (not including UNICOR) reflecting the level of responsibility of the assignment. The factors which are taken into account in granting performance pay are goal attainment, exceptional quality and quantity of work, resourcefulness, initiative, trustworthiness, dependability, and the ability to work with minimal supervision.


UNICOR employs and trains inmates through the operation of, and earnings from, factories producing high-quality products and services for the Federal Government. Profits generated from UNICOR operations are used to purchase new equipment and build new factories at new institutions.

UNICOR is a voluntary work assignment. Inmates who desire to work in UNICOR should submit an Inmate Request to Staff Member to the UNICOR factory manager. Upon receipt of the Inmate Request to Staff Member, the inmate’s name will be placed on a waiting list. There is one major list to apply for UNICOR employment. This list is divided into three categories. They are as follows:

List 1 -Previous UNICOR workers employed at another factory at their time of transfer.

List 2 -Inmate Financial Responsibility Program -court imposed fines as described in the inmate financial responsibility program. The value of such fines must exceed $1000.

List 3 -General. Those not eligible for list 1 or list 2.

When an inmate is being considered for employment a UNICOR interview will be conducted. This will determine the inmate’s suitability for employment.

The grades range from grade 5 through grade 1 (premium). The hourly earnings begin at $.23 and top out at $1.15. The longevity premium consideration is up to $.30 extra per hour depending upon months in qualified service.

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