FCI Memphis Educational Programs

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The Education Department at FCI Memphis and SPC Millington offer inmates a variety of opportunities for self-improvement in fields ranging from academics to vocational training, library services, educational counseling, and recreation. The PRE-GED, GED and Spanish GED Literacy courses are mandatory participation classes for a period of 240 hours or until attainment of a GED. Other education classes and recreation programs are voluntary.

The following is a general list of courses offered at the FCI or SPC or both facilities:

 Literacy Program (PRE-GED & GED)
 English As a Second Language (ESL)
 Advanced Occupation Education (AOE)

Computerized Business Education

1. Word Processing
2. Spreadsheets
3. Database Operations
4. Graphics
5. Presentations

 Occupational Training (Quality Assurance and Supervision)

1. MGMT1200 – Introduction to Quality & Productivity
2. MGMT2300 – Management for Quality I
3. MGMT2000 – Project Management
4. ISDS2806 – Supply Chain Management
5. INET2043 – Statistical Quality Control and Lab
6. MGMT2040 – Strategic Planning

 Vocational Training

1. Construction Technologies
2. Building Trades

Apprenticeship Program

The Education Department recognizes and honors special achievement in these programs with incentives and a graduation ceremony. Additionally, inmates, participating in the courses listed above, receive pay at the pay grade 4 (or maintenance pay) for successful hours of class time.

Auxiliary Services

The following are additional services provided in Education:

 Library Services – Leisure and Law Library and Inter-Library Loan Program with Memphis/Shelby County Library.

 ACE (Adult Continuing Education) – Adult Continuing Education classes are 10 weeks. These classes are offered quarterly and taught by inmates.

 Pre-Release – The Pre-Release Program is designed to assist inmates who are within one year of being released. This program assists inmates in improving basic job development skills to include resume writing and the job interview process.

Career Counseling Services

Education Advisors
Additional information, on Educational programs, is provided in a supplemental handout provided to all inmates by the Education Department during the admissions and orientation program at the institution.
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