FCI Memphis Programs

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Job Assignments

All inmates are expected to maintain a regular job assignment. Job assignments are controlled through a Performance Pay System, which provides monetary payment for work. Federal Prison Industries has a separate pay scale. Unit Staff, in conjunction with the Job Committee and Work Performance Committee approve job changes and see that the changes are posted on the Daily Change Sheet through the Control Center.

Institutional maintenance jobs are usually the first assignment an inmate receives. These might include work in Food Service, a unit orderly, or in a maintenance shop.

Federal Prison Industries, also referred to as UNICOR, employs and trains inmates through the operation of, and earnings from factories producing high-quality products and services for the Federal Government. At FCI Memphis, UNICOR produces and services electronic cable assemblies and a printing operation. FCI Memphis has a waiting list for factory employment.


If inmates wish to be married while incarcerated, the Warden may authorize them to do so, under certain conditions. All expenses of the marriage will be paid by the inmate. Government funds may not be used for marriage expenses.

If you request permission to marry, you must:

 have a letter from the intended spouse which verifies her intention to marry
 demonstrate legal eligibility to marry
 be mentally competent
The Chaplains are available to discuss, with you and your fiancée, the issue of marriage while incarcerated.

Counseling Programs

There are many alternatives for inmates who have personal problems and desire to correct them. These options include Alcoholic Anonymous, Self-Image groups and other voluntary groups offered by Unit Team Staff and Volunteers. In addition, FCI Memphis / SPC Millington have professional staff, as resources, who are trained in the various social science fields.

Inmate participation in these activities will be encouraged upon the staff’s assessment of inmate needs, but participation in such activities is voluntary. Unit Staff are available in the units for informal counseling sessions and they conduct formal group counseling activities.

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