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Performance Pay

If you are assigned to a paid work assignment (not including UNICOR), you willbe awarded a Performance Pay if your Work Supervisor recommends you for it.

Presently, pay rates are as follows:Grade 4 $0.12/hr. Grade 3 $0.17/hr. Grade 2 $0.29/hr. Grade 1 $0.40/hr. Maintenance Pay $5.25/month
These rates are subject to change according to Federal Bureau of Prisons Policy.You may receive Performance Pay for a maximum of seven (7) hours per workday, and a maximum of thirty-five (35) hours per week. You will be paid onlyfor the number of hours you worked in a satisfactory manner. Each work detail has a specific number of positions allotted which are utilized to receive performance pay. If you are in FRP (Financial Responsibility Program) Refusestatus, you cannot earn above Maintenance Pay.

If you are having a problem concerning your job pay, you should report theseproblems immediately to your Detail Supervisor.

Job payments are deposited in your Commissary account no later than thetwenty-ninth of the month.


Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR) is a self sustained, government owned,corporation that was established by an act of Congress in 1934. All productsmanufactured by UNICOR are sold only to government agencies, i.e., VeteransAffairs, Department of Defense, GSA, Armed Forces and Justice Department,including the Bureau of Prisons. UNICOR’s primary objective is to train andemploy inmates confined within the Bureau of Prisons. Long term studies haveshown that participation in UNICOR work program provide skills and workethics that will enhance the probability of inmates not returning to prison uponrelease.

Here at FCI-Miami, the UNICOR operation consists of a Textile Cut & SewFactory which manufactures jackets and linens. The factory employs approximately 280 inmates within it’s Cutting, Sewing, Folding, Packing,Shipping, Business Office and Quality Assurance departments. Any inmate iseligible to work in UNICOR providing he has completing the medical andeducational requirements. The factory hires handicapped inmates when positions are available.

All individuals interested in obtaining a work assignment in UNICOR maysubmit an Inmate Request to Staff Member (COPOUT) to the factory Managerwho will place names on a waiting list. Inmates with prior UNICOR experience will be given priority in hiring. Their names will be placed in the top 10% of the waiting list. Inmates participating in the Inmate Financial ResponsibilityProgram having fines of over $2,000.00 will also be placed on the priority list.

Starting pay is $.23 cents per hour (grade 5) based on a 71/2 hour work day,which begins at 7:20 A.M. and ends at 3:35 P.M., and may progress to grade 1which is $1.15 per hour. Promotions are based on positions available, production, job performance, and general attitude, i.e. cooperation with supervisors, adherence to the dress codes and rules within UNICOR as well asthose of the institution. All inmate workers must comply with safety andsanitation policies and regulations. In addition, promotions in UNICOR arecontingent upon educational requirements that must be achieved by the inmate.

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