FCI Miami Personal Property

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Inmates are authorized to possess items, which are purchased in the Commissary,approved by the Warden, or authorized to be received by the inmate. The amount of property allowed (civilian or institution issue) will be limited to thoseitems which can be neatly and safely stored inside their individual locker.Property that cannot be properly stored will be considered excess property,confiscated and disposed of according to current policy.

No inmate may be in possession of or authorize to retain dark blue, black, red,or camouflage clothing with the exception of American Indians as authorized bythe Chaplain. No logos or slogans are permitted on inmates personal clothing.

Inmates will be held accountable for all property found in their lockers. You must maintain only authorized limits. Altered clothing will be consideredcontraband and disciplinary action may result.

For the Authorized List and Limits of personal property refer to the mostrecent copy of the Institution Supplement on Inmate Personal Property.

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