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Our Recreation Department offers a large variety of programs and activitiesdesigned to meet the needs and demands of all inmates, varying in age, physicalabilities and cultural backgrounds.

It is our goal to create a more active and healthier inmate population throughregular participation in our programs and activities. The Recreation Departmentstrongly encourages participation in its available structured, unstructured and/orspectator programs and activities. Operating hours for the recreation yard are listed below. Recreation personnel are available to provide assistance in planning and coordinating holiday programming and special events.

These include all types of cultural, social, recreational and creative activities that enrich life and stimulate development. They are designated to enhance day to day activities of individual inmates and to serve various needs.

Includes social interaction and constructive leisure-time programs. These activities accommodate diverse needs and a wide range of age groups.

They encourage special interest, develop leadership and self -reliance, influenceindividual skills and communication capability.


Hours of operation and recreation programs are subject to change based on:security, staffing, inclement weather, lighting, etc.

6:00 A.M. 10:00 A.M. 10:40 A.M. 3:30 P.M. 4:30 P.M. DUSK — Recreation Yard Opens (Weather Permitting) — Rec. Yard closes (Except Wednesday 9:00 a.m.) — Rec. Yard opens — Rec. Yard\Bldg. Closes — Rec. Yard\Bldg. Opens — Outer Rec. Yard
8:30 P.M. — Inner Rec. Yard/Bldg. Closes

7:00A.M. — Recreation Yard Opens (Weather Permitting) 9:30A.M. — Rec. Yard closes
10:30A.M. — Rec. Yard opens (Pending Count) 3:30P.M. — Rec. Yard\Bldg. Closes 4:30P.M. — Rec. Yard\Bldg. Opens
DUSK — Outer Rec. Yard 8:30P.M. — Inner Rec. Yard/Bldg. Closes

From Sunrise to Sundown (Year round)


The Institution Release Preparation Program is a volunteer program for inmates who are within 30 months of release. Inmates will be recommended to participate in a core curriculum of programs that will focus on making the transition from incarceration to the community. Topics included in this core curriculum are organized into six broad categories such as Health and Nutrition, Employment, Personal Finance and Consumer Skills, Personal Growth and Development, Release Requirements and Procedures, and Community Resources (Pre-Release). Each course is outlined in a yearly calendar of classes offered at a minimum quarterly. Inmates may sign up for participation by submitting and “Inmate Request to Staff” to the department responsible for the course, and they will be placed on callout for the initial class. The goal of the program is to assist inmates in preparing for a successful release back into the community. This can be achieved when inmates release with job readiness skills, a resume’, and finances saved for release purposes. Your Unit Team will discuss each of these areas during your regularly scheduled programs reviews. You will be referred for Institution Pre-Release when you are within one year of release.

This will allow you to ask questions of the U.S. Probation Office, Community Corrections Manager and Halfway House staff as well as, Social Security. Each inmate should develop a release folder during the last 24 months of incarceration to include a resume’ and cover letter, all certificates of achievement, your education transcript, and sample applications for employment, and a copy of your social security card or appropriate photo ID.

Your Participation will be evaluated by your unit team during regularly scheduled program reviews. As with any program, you are held responsible to sigh up and participate.

This concept is somewhat new to the Bureau of Prisons but it is ultimately aimed at increasing your chance of securing stable employment upon release as well as developing healthy relationships with your family.

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