FCI Miami Substance Abuse Programs

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The Psychology Department provides a 40-hour comprehensive, voluntary,treatment program for individuals with a history of drug or alcohol use. Groupsare available to educate the inmate population on the effects of drug use, as wellas to provide support for those recovering from their drug use. Details of these meetings are available from the Drug Abuse Program Coordinator and/or theDrug Treatment Specialist, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).Inmates requiring individual counseling sessions can request these by submitting a cop-out.

The Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program consists of 500 intensive treatment hours during which the inmate explores the factors that contributed tohis use of drugs and alcohol, and the effect of such decision on his life. To applyfor this program the inmate needs to prove a history of drug/alcohol abuse,cannot have a history of violence in his background, and needs to be an American citizen (or Cuban national).

Incentives of the RDAP: Certain inmates may be eligible for six-month CCCplacement and a sentence reduction of up to 12 months upon successful completion of RDAP and community transitional services. In order to be eligiblefor these incentives, the inmate must first be deemed qualified to participate inRDAP. Inmates will be notified in writing regarding their eligibility for early release. If you are interested in participating in this program or obtainingadditional information to determine if you are eligible, please submit a cop-out.

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