FCI Miami Visitation

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MONDAY 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
FRIDAY 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
SATURDAY 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
SUNDAY 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
FED HOLIDAY 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Dress Code for Visitors

Inmates are responsible for informing their prospective visitors of the dress attire permitted in the visiting room. Visitors are expected to wear clothing which is neither provocative nor enticing to the extent that a disruption to the orderly running of the institution could ensue. Clothing which is sexually suggestive or revealing is prohibited. No bare feet will be allowed except for infants.

Clothing which is similar to and resembles the style or color of that issued to inmates (for example, khaki colored clothing with plain white or khaki shirt at the FCI or dark green trousers with plain white or dark green shirt at the FPC) is not allowed to be worn inside the Visiting Room.

Prohibited Attire:

Shorts of any kind (except for small children under age of 12)
Transparent garments of any kind
Sleeveless blouses or shirts
Bathing suits
Mini Skirts
Crop tops
Sun dresses
Halter tops
Backless tops
Hats, caps, scarfs
Wrap around skirts, shirts or dresses
Spandex pants, skirts or tights, Leotards
Sweat pants/sweat shirts
Shirts or jeans with holes
Low cut blouses/dresses
Hooded shirts, jackets or sweaters
Skirts/dresses above knee level
Visiting Room – Authorized items:
Small clear plastic bag
Money (Up to $25 in denominations not larger than $5.00)
Valid Photo identification
Essential medication (limited to the amount needed during the
visiting period) Officer will have knowledge of medication in the
visiting room.
One overgarment (coat, jacket, sweater)
One (1) car key
Feminine Hygiene items-only the amount necessary for the day.
Authorized items for infants and/or children:
Four(4) Diapers
One (1) package of baby wipes (unopened)
One (1) change of infant clothing
Two (2) baby bottles with contents
Two (2) small jars of unopened baby food
One (1) receiving blanket
One (1) see-through drinking cup

NOTE: Only the amount of articles for children necessary for the
duration of the visit will be allowed. Excessive amounts will be not be

Prohibited items

Tobacco products
Strollers, baby carriers
Baby diaper bags
Electronic Equipment
Pocket knives
Handcuff keys
Chewing Gum
Cell phones
Staff will contact the Operations Lieutenant or the current Duty Officer
prior to denying a visitor entry into the institution based on their attire.
Visitors with excess money or personal items which are not authorized,
will be asked to remove them from the institution.

There are a limited number of lockers reserved for use by visitors who do
not have vehicles on the premises. Items too large to fit into lockers must
be removed from the institution. When utilizing the lockers, visitors will
be given a key; and they will keep it until they are ready to depart the

At no time will any staff retain any type of visitor s property.

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