FCI Milan Substance Abuse Programs

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Drug Abuse Treatment

Psychology Services offers a range of options for inmates here at FCI Milan. Initially all inmates arriving at the FCI will be provided a brief clinical interview. They will be made aware of available treatment opportunities and the process involved in requesting services from the department.

It is not unusual for newly incarcerated individuals to experience anxiety or situational depression when they arrive at an institution. This is particularly true when they first are made aware of very lengthy sentences or experience family problems related to initial incarceration. Our staff are trained to monitor inmates who may be experiencing unusually difficult times adjusting to these events. The Psychology department also trains other institution staff to be aware of when individuals are having trouble adapting to this new environment. However, staff do not always see what other inmates observe. If you are personally experiencing any significant issues as outlined above, or if you are aware of another inmate who is showing significant problems in coping with their incarceration, please bring this information to the attention of the staff.

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