FCI Morgantown Correspondence

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In most cases, inmates are permitted to correspond with the public, family members, and others without prior approval or the maintenance of a correspondence list. Outgoing mail boxes are located in front of the mailroom for general correspondence only. Outgoing mail for inmates in minimum security level institutions may be sealed in accordance with Bureau’s open correspondence privileges. The outgoing envelope must have the inmate’s name, registration number and return address of this institution (including Federal Correctional Institution Morgantown) in the upper left hand corner. Inmates are responsible for placing the correct postage on letters. Inmates must assume responsibility for the contest of all of their letters. Correspondence containing threats, extortion, etc., may result in prosecution for violation of Federal laws and /or disciplinary action. ALL outgoing mail is required to be addressed using the TRU-LINCS label system.

Inmates are prohibited from corresponding with staff, contract employees, and volunteers outside of FCI Morgantown, West Virginia. Written communication with these individuals may be addressed through an Inmate Request to staff Member or other correspondence delivered through the Mail Room or a staff member.

Inmates may be placed on restricted correspondence status based on misconduct or a matter of classification. The inmate is notified of this placement and has the opportunity to appeal this decision.

Current Correctional Systems Open House hours will be posted in the Mail Room.

There is no mail servicer on weekends and federal holidays.


First class mail is distributed Monday through Friday (except federal holidays) ordinarily by the Evening Watch Officer in each living unit. Newspapers and magazines will be delivered at this time. Legal and Special Mail will be delivered by the Mail Room and signed for by the inmate as soon possible after it is received. The number of incoming letters an inmate may receive will not be limited unless the number received places an unreasonable burden on the institution. Inmates are asked to advise those writing to them to put the inmate’s register number and unit on the envelope to aid the prompt delivery of mail.
All inmate packages received at the institution must have prior authorization.


An inmate may write through Special Mail procedures to representatives of the media.
The inmate may not receive compensation or anything of value for correspondence with the news media. The inmate may not act as a reporter, publish under a byline, or conduct a business or profession while in Bureau custody.

Representatives of the news media may initiate correspondence with an inmate. Correspondence from a representative of the news media will be opened, inspected for contraband, for qualification as media correspondence, and for content which is likely to promote either illegal activity or conduct contrary to regulations.

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