FCI Morgantown Educational Programs

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The education curriculum at FCI Morgantown is designed to provide a flexible education program to help the inmate attain jobs skills or needed education that will enhance effectiveness as a person and citizen. The FCI Morgantown Education Department supports these principles as well as those governing the occupation, civic, aesthetic and personal dimensions of the inmate’s lifestyle. It is with these principles in mind that FCI Morgantown’s staff is personally committed through education to assist each inmate in attaining his personal education and occupational goals. For further detailed information, please refer to the Education Handbook.

Educational/Vocational Options

A structured GED program is offered for any inmate who has not completed high school.

The Education Department offers three viable vocational training programs: Computer Literacy, Graphic Arts, and Welding. Inmates who display a need for job training are eligible.
By obtaining a GED or holding a High School Diploma, a student may participate in a Vocational Training Program. An inmate may not request a transfer until completion of the program due to the cost of the training.

Apprenticeship Programs are offered through the US Department of Labor and are available to inmates who have sentences of three years or longer. Please refer to FCI Morgantown’s Education Handbook for more detailed information regarding Education and Vocational Training.


Each inmate will be required to take a standardized achievement test (TABE) if he does not have a High School Diploma. The test scores will be utilized for placement in the Literacy Program. The Pre-GED Test will be one of the determining factors for a student to be recommended for the Official GED Exam.

Job Search Class

The Job Search Class introduces inmates to various employment skills to enhance their success in obtaining and maintaining employment upon release. This program covers a variety of topics including: career explorations, resume writing, portfolio development, job market search, networking, and interview techniques.

Mock Job Fair: The Mock Job Fair is an event, held twice a year, in the spring and fall. Local employers come in to the institution and perform “mock” interviews with inmates. It is an all day event and inmates prepare for the event by attending a two week Job Search Class.

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