FCI Morgantown Personal Property

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It is the policy of the Bureau of Prisons that inmates may possess only such property as is authorized for retention upon admission to the institution, issued for use while in custody, purchased in the commissary or approved by staff to be mailed to or otherwise received by inmates.

Inmates are accountable for the contents of their personal property to include their bed and their assigned sleeping area. It is recommended that inmates periodically review their own personal property to ensure that their property is clear of contraband. The amount of personal property allowed each inmate is limited and with the exception of shoes, must all fit in their assigned locker. Under no circumstances will personal materials be accumulated to the point where they become a fire, sanitation, security, or housekeeping hazard.

Inmates have the responsibility to keep their personal property and institution issued clothing in a neat and orderly manner at all times. All excess property will be considered contraband and will be confiscated. Any inmate being found to possess excessive property or contraband will receive an incident report.

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