FCI Morgantown Programs

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Job Assignments

All inmates are expected to maintain a regular job assignment.

All job assignments are controlled through a performance pay system, which provides monetary payment for work. Trust Fund has a separate pay scale. Correctional Counselors approve job changes and the changes are posted on the Daily Change Sheet. Food Service, Unit Orderly, Education Tutor, Landscape and Maintenance Shop are a few of the work assignments available. There is one work assignment that is off institution grounds: Town Driver. This is a public trust position and must be approved by the Warden.

Community Service Projects

Periodically, the institution will get requests from agencies in the community requesting inmate participation in Community Services Projects. Your unit team will recommend inmates for the Warden’s approval to participate in these projects. See your unit team to see if you are eligible.
Work Assignments: work assignments are required for all inmates. Routine work assignments operate under one pay scale system.

Performance Pay

Performance Pay is an incentive pay system for workers in Food Service, Mechanical Service and other jobs.

Escorted Trips

Bedside visits and funeral trips may be authorized when an immediate family member is seriously ill, in critical condition, or has passed away. Depending on the inmate’s custody classification, one or two Correctional Officers will escort the inmate. However, security and safety concerns outweigh all other factors and are utilized in approving or disapproving scort trips. All expenses will be borne by the inmate, except the first eight hours of each day that the employee is on duty.


A furlough is an authorized absence from an institution by an inmate who is not under escort of a staff member, a U.S. Marshal, other Federal, or state agent. Furloughs are a privilege, not a right. Ordinarily, inmates with a history of violence/weapons will not be granted social furloughs. Requests are submitted during regularly scheduled inmate program reviews. The eligibility requirements for a furlough can be found in Program Statement 5280.08, Furloughs.

Central Inmate Monitoring System: The Central Inmate Monitoring System (CIMS) is a method for the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ to monitor and control the transfer, temporary release, and participation in community activities of inmates who pose special management considerations. Designation as a CIMS case does not, in and of itself, prevent an inmate from participating in community activities.


If an inmate wishes to be married while incarcerated, the Warden may grant authorization under certain conditions. All expenses of the marriage will be borne by the inmate. Approval generally will not be granted for any relationship not established prior to incarceration. If an inmate request permission to marry, he must have a letter from the intended spouse which verifies her intention to marry; demonstrate legal eligibility to marry; and be mentally competent.

Inmate Financial Responsibility Program: Working closely with the Administrative Office of the Courts and the Department of Justice, the Bureau administers a systematic payment program for the court-imposed fines, fees, and costs. All designated inmates are required to develop a financial plan to meet their financial obligations. These obligations may include: Special assessments imposed under 18 USC 3013, Court Ordered Restitution, fines and court costs, judgment in favor of the U.S., other debts owed the Federal Government, and other court-ordered obligations (e.g., child support, alimony, other judgments). The status of any financial plan will be included in all progress reports, and will be considered by staff when determining Security/Custody level, job assignments, eligibility for community activities, priority programs and institutional program changes.

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