FCI Oakdale Correspondence

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Inmates receive mail service Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Incoming general correspondence is opened and screened prior to delivery. Outgoing correspondence must contain the name of the Institution and Federal Correctional Institution, not FCI, must be printed on the mail. Inmates are allowed to seal their mail. Correspondents should indicate committed name, register number and housing unit on all mail including newspaper and magazine subscriptions. U.S. Postal Service, not Federal Express or UPS should be used to receive incoming mail and authorized packages. Unauthorized inmate to inmate correspondence and items which cannot be searched or inspected, without altering or destroying the item. will be rejected. Packages containing speCial mall, education, legal materials, personal papers, etc. must be marked with words such as “Authorized by Bureau Policy.” If missing, the package will be returned at the post office without notification to the inmate. Other packages must be approved by appropriate staff via the “Authorization to Receive PackageH form. If missing.. the package will be returned at the post office without notification to the inmate. Any authorized package containing unauthorized material will be returned In its entirety to the sender. Hardback books and newspapers can only be received from the publisher, book store or book club. The sender must be clearly identified as a publisher, book store or book club. All funds sent to inmates/detainees must be sent to the National Lockbox location at the following address:

Federal Bureau of Prisons Insert Inmate Name Interest Inmate Register Number Post Office Bo)( 474701 Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001

The mall room will not accept funds received from outside the institution. Any funds received will be returned to the sender.

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