FCI Oakdale Educational Programs

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Literacy Program. The program is designed for inmates who Jack a high school diploma. To meet their needs, high school equivalency courses are offered. A minimum of 240 classroom hours is required or until a GEO is achieved whichever occurs first. Certification is accomplished with the issuilnce of a GEO diploma from the State of louisiana. The Violent Crime Control and law Enforcement Act (VCCLEA) mandates that an Inmate whose offense was on or after September 13, 1994, but before April 26. 1996 and who lacks a high school credential, participate in and make satisfactory progress toward attaining a General Educational Development (GEO) credential to vest earned Good Conduct TIme (GCT). The Prison Utigation Reform Act (PlRA) provides that in determining GCT awards, the Bureau shall consider whether an inmate, with a date of offense on or after April 26, 1996, who lacks a high school credential, participates and makes satisfactory progress toward attaining a GED credential, In order to be eligible to earn the maximum amount of GCT. It is mandatory for aI/ Inmates In federal institutions to attend the literacy program except for:

Pretrial inmates,
Inmates committed for the purpose of study and observation under the provisions of 18
U.S.C. 42050 or, effective November 1, 1987, 18 U.S.C. 35S2(b), Other inmates who, for good cause, the Warden may excuse from attending the Literacy Program, Those already possessing a verified GED or a High School Diploma (verification of education must be Initiated by the Inmate).

English as a Second Language (ESl)

The English as a Second Language Program Is designed for non English speaking Inmates who have a need to learn English and who have not previously passed the CASAS exam. The class begins with basic English and each student progresses at his own rate. A certificate of completlon is awarded upon successfully passing the CASAS exam. Inmates who wish to enroll should submit an “Inmate Request to Staff Member’” form (Cop-Out) to the ESl Coordinator.

Parenting Education

The parenting program is designed to teach Inmates specific parenting skills which will result In improved communication and interaction with their children. There are 10 individual classes and generally are held quarterly. They are generally 3 -4 hours In length. Certificates are issued upon completion.

Correspondence Study

These are self-paced programs which are chosen by the student from available outside sources. The length of the courses varies as do the certificated issued upon completion. The student is responsible for all fees and must receive approval for all courses from the Correspondence Coordinator prior to enrollment.

Adult Continuins Education (ACE)

This program is designed to provide continuing education in various areas of Interest. Courses offered are posted on a monthly basis. Self-study courses are also offered as a part of the ACE program whereby the student completes courses outside of the classroom and works at his leisure to meet course requirements. The length of each course varies. A High School Diploma or GED is necessary for some programs.


The program is designed to teach inmates skills In keyboard familiarization, speed and accuracy. The course Is approximately one month in duration. The class meets approximately six hours per week. Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.


Industrial SewinS -The program is a work assignment in conjunction with the UNICOR factory. It is designed to teach the basics of sewing machine operation as well as the specifics of clothing construction. The course lasts approximately 6 weeks (based on individual ability). Each participant wlll receive a Certificate of Completion and priority placement for UNICOR employment. To qualify for this course you must have a High School diploma or equivalent, or be enrolled in the literacy Program at the GED level.

Occupational Videos

These exploratory videos are designed to help the student realize what a specific occupation entails as far as education, personal attributes and experience. These are self-paced and are shown weekly. The length of each video is approximately one to two hours. Credit will be given on an education transcript.


This customized program is designed to prepare students to work efficiently in the areas of production and management In horticultural enterprises. This competency-based program includes classroom instruction and practical lab experience under the supervision of a qualified instructor. The length of this course is approximately 5 X months (600 hours) In duration. Each participant will receive a Certificate from louisiana Technical Coliege upon completion. To qualify for this course, the length of remaining sentence must allow for time to complete the entire class.

Building Maintenance

The purpose of this progrclm is to provide specialized classroom instruction and practical shop experience to prepare students for employment in a variety of jobs In the field of Building Engineering Technology or to provide supplemental training for persons previously or currently employed in related occupations. The length of this course is approximately 5 X months (GOO hours) in duration. Each participant will receive a Certificate from louisiana Technical College upon completion. To qualify for this course, the length of remaining sentence must allow for time to compete the entire class.


This program serves to provide specialized skills by using classroom Instruction combined with on the job training. This program is 6000 -8000 hours or approximately 3 -4 years in length. Some of the fields are HVAC, Plumbing, Electrician, Carpenter and landscaping. Each participant will receive a Certlficate of completion from the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training. To qualify for this program, the length of remaining sentence must allow for time to complete the entire class. The student’s work assignment must be within the area of specialty in which the student is enrolled.

Law and Leisure Library

It Is the policy of this Institution that inmates have reasonable access to legal material and to counsel for preparation of legal documents. It is also our policy to provide inmates with library services necessary for education, cultural, and leisure activity. A variety of newspapers, reference materials, and periodicals are available. Titles, unavailable In the library, may be obtained through the inter-library loan services. library services are extended to all Inmates. Commissary cards are required to check out at/library materials.

Incentive Awards

$25.00 will be awarded to inmates who complete a GEO class by passing the Official General Education Development Examination (GED). A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded for completion of levels 1 and 2 of the literacy Program. $25.00 will be awarded to inmates who complete ESl class by passing the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System Examination (CASAS).
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