FCI Oakdale Programs

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Hobby Craft· The Hobby Craft program offers a number of activities designed to allow the Inmates to express themselves in a creative manner, There are classes for the beginner and advanced in all of the actrvities offered in the Hobby Craft program. The activities which are available for inmate participation are leather crah, basket weaving, woodwork, yarn art, stick craft, free-lance painting and drawing.

Court Games -The institution offers a number of games which are played on regulation courts. They consist of: handbaJl, racquetball, tennis, horseshoes, basketball, boccie ball and pickle ball,

Intramural Sports· The Intramural sports program covers a wide range of Interests including: basketball, volleyball, soccer, flag football and softball.

Board Games -inmates have a wide ran ge of games which are available in the housing units and in the Hobby Craft area. They include: Dominoes, chess, card games, checkers, Yahtzee, Backgammon and SCrabble,

Physical Fitness/Health Education (PFHE)-The Recreation Department has created a number of organized fitness activities which are being designed to offer each Inmate a choice of being Involved in a variety of exercise programs. These programs Include: run/walk clubs, fitness clubs and a Wellness Program.

Music Program· There is a number of music related adivities and programs which are available for inmate participation. Instrudion Is available in Guitar and various percussion instruments. A number of inmate bands playa wide variety of music.

Health Promotion/Olsease Prevention -Inmates are able to participate in the HPDP program on a volunteer basis. This Is a joint effort on both the Medical Services Department and the Recreation Department. Flyers are posted In the housing units announcing upcoming classes.

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