FCI Pekin Mental Health of Prisoners

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Psychology Services provides professional services in the areas of evaluation, counseling, group programs, crisis assistance, drug treatment, and self-help programs. Each new arrival will be interviewed and provided a summary of current psychology programs available for enrollment.

Most programs in Psychology Services are voluntary enrollment, and voluntary withdrawal after enrollment with no penalty or disciplinary action for withdrawal. Inmates are encouraged to suggest programs.

Programs are usually conducted on a group basis and open to eligible inmates within the FCI.

An inmate is required to participate in the drug abuse education course if he has been sentenced or returned to custody as a violator after September 30, 1991 and it is determined by unit and/or drug abuse treatment staff through a combination of interview and file review that:

l. There is evidence in the PSI that alcohol or other drug use contributed to the commission of the offense.
2. Alcohol or other drug use was a reason for violation either of supervised release (including parole) or Bureau community status; that is, RRC placement for with the inmate is now incarcerated.
3. There was a recommendation (or evaluation) for drug programming during incarceration by the sentencing judge.
4. There is evidence of a history of alcohol or other drug use. For example, the inmates history of alcohol and/or drug use within the past 5 years is emphasized in the Presentence Investigation Report (PSR).

Inmates may also be considered for course placement if they request to participate in the drug abuse education program but do not meet the criteria to be required.

Inmates may also participate in the non-residential drug abuse program. This program is aimed at engaging motivated inmates in addressing their drug abuse problem. These inmates are usually not yet ready, or perhaps do not meet the qualifying criteria, to participate in residential therapy. Non-residential
participants, with the drug treatment staff, develop individualized treatment plans based on an assessment of their problems and goals. Inmates who complete NR (non-residential) drug abuse programing may also be paid up to $30 for completion of the 24 session program.

Psychologists are always available to assist inmates with personal problems, emergency situations, crisis intervention, general mental health questions, interest in self-help, and desire for professional treatment. A psychologist is available by submitting an “Inmate Request to Staff Member”, or in an emergency by alerting any staff member. Conversations of a counseling or treatment nature are confidential except in the following three (3) situations:

1. A clear risk of serious injury, disease or death to you or another person.
2. A clear risk to the security of the institution.
3. A current or future felonious offense.

The Drug Abuse Program Coordinator and Drug Treatment Specialists are available to assist with RDAP (Residential Drug Abuse Program) referrals as well as enrollment in the other drug programming available at FCI Pekin.

Suicide Prevention

If you notice symptoms of any abnormal behavior or situation that may suggest that an inmate is upset and potentially suicidal, you need to notify staff immediately.
Psychology Services at FCI Pekin are here to be of service to you. Your contact with Psychology Services is at your discretion outside of the initial interview upon your arrival at this institution and requirement, if any, to participate in the drug abuse education course.
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