FCI Petersburg Medium Employment

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Job Assignments

All inmates are expected to maintain a regular job assignment. Job assignments are controlled through the performance pay system, which provides monetary payment for work within the institution or at Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR).

Institution maintenance jobs are usually the first assignment an inmate receives. These jobs include work in Food Service, Mechanical Services, or as a Unit Orderly. Job assignments are made by the Unit Counselors. Inmates can request job assignments every 90 days. All job assignments and changes are noted on the daily change sheet posted on every unit bulletin board.

The UNICOR factory at this facility is a Print Plant. Additionally, there is a quality assurance section, a financial management division, and a maintenance/orderly crew.

The grades range from grade 5 through grade 10 (premium). The hourly earnings begin at $.23 and top out at $1.15. The premium consideration is $.20 extra per hour.

Inmates should request an application to work in UNICOR from a UNICOR representative during mainline. UNICOR staff will place the inmate on the UNICOR waiting list based on certain criteria. The criteria is divided into three categories.

Previous UNICOR Employment
Financial Obligations (FRP)
No UNICOR Experience (General)

UNICOR staff are available daily at the dining hall, during the noon meal, for inmates to review their status and placement on the waiting list.

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