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The Recreation staff plans and implements a wide variety of leisure time activities for the inmate population. The sports programs, as well as hobby craft classes, are geared toward motivation and involvement by everyone who shows a genuine interest. Recreation is one of the most acceptable outlets for both emotional and physical stress. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the structured as well as unstructured activities.

The following information about the program is presented to inform you of all the different facilities and activities that are available to you. For detailed information, please refer to the monthly activities schedule or to posted fliers and memos.


Safety is a key factor in the success of any athletic event. The application of common sportsmanship will eliminate 90% of all athletic accidents. Some helpful hints to make “playing the game” safer include:

Know the rules and objectives of the sport.
Wear appropriate clothing, shoes, and protective equipment at all times.
Warm-up (stretch) properly before doing any strenuous exercise.
Any unnecessary roughness will result in suspension and/or disciplinary action. This applies to ALL SPORTS.
Use extreme caution around the weight pile. Always use a spotter and use collars when possible. STEEL TOE SHOES ARE RECOMMENDED WHILE WORKING OUT.


No smoking, food or drinks allowed in the music rooms.
Do not attempt to communicate (yelling, waving, hand/body signals, note tossing)with anyone outside the institution fence.

Respect “OUT OF BOUNDS” signs on the Recreation Yard.


A comprehensive program of sports activities including varsity and intramural teams are available for inmate participation. Where possible, consideration is given for differences in age and athletic ability.


Currently, there are leagues for basketball, soccer and softball which incorporate varsity, intramural and over-35 teams to provide for the greatest number of inmate participants as possible.


Tournaments are held on a regular basis in addition to the normal end-of-season tournaments for league play-offs and championships. This provides fun competition for a wide variety of recreational fitness levels, with prizes going to first and second place finishers.

Normally, all major holidays will have tournament activities planned. Schedules outlining these activities are posted in each housing unit.


Wellness consists of any activities that are beneficial to an individual’s health, whether physical or emotional. Therefore, the Recreation Department has a well rounded program that is designed to assist inmates who wish to participate. Additionally, there is a wellness resource library for inmates to check out material during regular Recreation department hours.


Participation in weightlifting is one of the most popular activities at the institution. The weightlifting area is located in Outdoor Recreation.


There is a quarter mile track located on the main recreation yard. This area is the only one that can be used for distance running.


There are many ways to stimulate increased heart rate. The recreation department offers stationary bicycles. These machines are located in indoor recreation.


The main recreation yard is open at approximately 5:45 a.m. The closing of the main recreation yard will also be announced over the loudspeaker. The weightlifting area is open during all open compound times. It closes at 8:15 p.m. for clean-up.


The Recreation Department offers a variety of table games. Games and cards may be checked out, as well as ping-pong and billiards equipment.


Supplies and material for hobbycraft projects may be ordered by Special Purchase Orders (SPO). SPO’s are submitted once a month and are due to the hobby shop on the 5th of each month. Catalogs and order forms are available in the indoor recreation office. There is a $300.00 spending limit per quarter.

Hours of operation for the Indoor Recreation/hobby craft areas are:

Monday thru Friday: 12:30 p.m. – 8:15 p.m. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 7:30 a.m. – 8:15 p.m.

All hobby craft items must be mailed out immediately after completion.


The recreation department provides musical equipment to inmates involved in or wishing to participate in existing musical bands. Equipment on hand includes drums, congas, acoustic guitars, amplifiers, microphones and speakers.


Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years November 25 – January 1 Martin Luther King Jr. January (3rd week) Black History Month February President’s Day February (3rd week) Memorial Day May (4th week) Independence Day July 4 Labor Day September (1st Monday) Hispanic Heritage Month September Columbus Day October (2nd week) Veteran’s Day November (2nd week)

For each major holiday an activity is published and passed out to the inmate population. This schedule consists of a variety of tournaments in both table games and individual and team sports. Generally, additional videos are shown to the normal weekend movie schedule.

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